• Written by LayzieTheSavage and Jason Nawara

Mark Munoz is damn proud to be part of the middleweight class

Mark Munoz is damn proud to be part of the middleweight class. He thinks no division puts on more exciting fights, and let's not look past the fact, as Munoz points out, that it was all middleweights who stepped up to fight Bones Jones after the 152 fiasco. Me? I'm damn proud to be part of the MiddleEasy class, which kind of sounds like it may be part of a caste system of some sort where we are chosen for reasons beyond our own understanding to create opening paragraphs that have little to nothing to do with much of anything, and yet everything at the same time...

LayzieTheSavage met up with the injured but always welcoming Mark Munoz, and they discussed the finer points of the UFC's middleweight division from the perspective of a middleweight. Biased? Maybe. But perhaps there is still a ring of truth to The Filipino Wrecking Machine's words.

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