• Written by LayzieTheSavage and Jason Nawara

Miguel Torres and LayzieTheSavage have a discussion about the World Series of Fighting and mythical rape jokes

Is the World Series of Fighting titled such because it's going to feature fighter's in a series of battles or that the show itself a series of fights that will be on NBC's world-stage? Confusing brand aside, we are going to see MMA on NBC and just saying that kind of sounds right, eh? It rolls off the tongue - MMA on NBC. Go ahead, say it. Sounds good! I know I've mentioned this before, but with FOX using their NFL/sports theme for the UFC, World Series of Fighting really, really should use the old NBA on NBC theme written by John Tesh. Go ahead, listen to the old NBA on NBC theme and imagine an announcer presenting Miguel Torres while he's scarfing down tacos with the NBA on NBC theme blaring and we have a promotional opportunity that NBC needs to take advantage of immediately. Tina Fey should also be heavily involved with World Series of Fighting in some fashion.

LayzieTheSavage and Miguel Torres met up in Vegas to discuss Torres' headlining fight in NBC's burgeoning promotion and Miguel also took the time to address Dave Meltzer's report of a second rape joke being the reason why Miguel was cut from the UFC again (it wasn't the reason).

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