• Written by MiddleEasy @MiddleEasy

So Bob Sapp is selling Japanese laxative tea now...

Bob Sapp selling an Inoki brand laxative tea shouldn't even surprise you. The guy has the power to market a doomsday comet to a metropolitan city. Bob Sapp has (and will) sell anything that involves being garbed in an outrageous costume and speaking a minimal amount of Japanese. When I met Sapp in Indonesia, he told me that he's releasing his own brand of candy suckers due to the fact that everyone believes he 'sucks' when he gets into the ring (or cage). Sapp also told me that one flavor will be called 'Yellow Belly.' I'm not even making this up.

Now Bob Sapp cut this video of him sitting on a toilet before and after using an Inoki brand laxative tea, and you should probably check it out. [Source]

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