• Written by MiddleEasy @MiddleEasy

You might as well just sit back and watch Fedor sumo wrestle in Japan

I'm sure you woke up this morning telling yourself that there's no way you could go through today without watching Fedor Emelianenko sumo wrestle a dude in Japan. I know your pain. This same thought often passes through my cerebral cortex throughout the week. It's a debilitating thing really. The thought of Fedor garbed in a white loin cloth while going toe-to-toe with another man in a loin cloth is just something that is impossible to ignore. Fortunately for you, MiddleEasy has the ability to put those worries to rest. You can now live your life knowing that whenever you need to see Fedor sumo wrestle, a newly released video exists. We just made your dreams come true, and we're not even asking anything in return. Man, we're awesome. Actually, the guys at are awesome since they tipped us to the video -- but we're awesome too. We can both coexist on a level of awesomeness rarely achieved by other sites. Now watch this video of Fedor sumo wrestling Shinichi Suzukawa in Japan and be amused.

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