• Written by MiddleEasy @MiddleEasy

Tito Ortiz says his final MMA fight will take place in July, possibly against Forrest Griffin

I was appalled to find out that Boston Baked Beans are neither baked nor beans. That's as if me saying, 'Hey man, I got a box of Canadian Cut Carrots, but wait...they're just Vienna Sausages. Damn, sorry to get your hopes up high. If you were a vegan and banking on this meal to be fed, you are screwed'. Somehow that statement can be applied to Tito Ortiz -- but dammit, I'm so fed up with these candies. Hey, here's a tip: come back to my kitchen cabinet when you do what you say you do. Until that day arrives, I will eagerly watch this video of Tito Ortiz announcing his July retirement bout that will possibly be against Forrest Griffin.

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