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Before you see Frank Mir vs. Roy Nelson at UFC 130, check out their first match from Grapplers Quest eight years ago

Last night on Twitter (you should really follow us, by the way) I stated that Frank Mir vs. Roy Nelson has the potential to be one of the greatest heavyweight grappling matches since Big Nog vs. Fedor I. Of course, I realize that I jinxed it. Both fighters will end up standing for fifteen minutes and the world will not be granted a rematch of their 2003 Grappler's Quest match. In the bout, we see a pre-accident Frank Mir versus an extraordinarily thin Roy Nelson competing for ultimate supremacy in the Advanced Heavyweight division. Watch this video and come for the grappling, stay for the Fatboy track. RIP good hip-hop.

Big thanks to Grappler's Quest for the video.

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