• Written by MiddleEasy @MiddleEasy

It's official. Dan Quinn vs. Aaron Brink is going down August 20th

A few weeks ago we told you guys that Dan Quinn was scheduled to fight Randal Lamont at the Vagos Motorcycle Club in Corona, California home of the One-Percenters. We're not sure what happened that weekend, maybe Dan Quinn was too busy telling Diego Sanchez the benefits of Stevia. Now it looks like Quinn has directed his attention to another one of his long-time arch-nemesis and fellow MMA fighter, Aaron Brink or better known in the porn industry as some ridiculous name that I will dare not name here. You may have seen him on Intervention trying to shake his methamphetamine addiction that actually ruined both of his careers (at least he still wants to fight Kimbo Slice).

After years of overly entertaining Youtube smack-talk, both will finally meet at the Stand-Up Super Fights in Southern California's Soboba Casino on August 20th and there is no possible way in this infinite universe that I will miss this card. Oh, and Stevia is cold fusion, homeboy.

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