• Written by MiddleEasy @MiddleEasy

OH WOW! Here's footage of the ever so rare DOUBLE groin hit!

Can we make it a rule that whenever a double 'anything' happens it's legally required through the State Athletic Commission in charge of the evening's proceedings (or the afternoon, there should be more afternoon MMA) for the referee to jump into a wide-legged stance and put their arms in the air Shonie Carter style unless they want to pay a fine or suffer a possible suspension? Can we have that? Now, I don't mean to harsh Herb Dean's mellow. Herb is awesome. Here's something for the Deanmeister:

Herb, your stoppage of Hendo/Fedor was perfectly fine. Great job.

The double groin shot is far more rare than the unicorn that is the double KO. The double groin shot is like a centaur that's ass-end unicorn, party up front with an Overeem frame and a head full of hair made of the finest and most fresh Twizzlers. These shots shared by Daniel Sullivan and Dekaire Sanders at V3 Fights really are something to behold, and they will forever be connected by this moment, so watch it yourself.

Start at 13:40 to see the nuttiness. (See what I did there?) I'm trying to get the autocue to work but it's impossible at the moment.


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