• Written by MiddleEasy @MiddleEasy

Watch GSP and friends take a post training ice bath in a river

I know that I could have just used the words GSP and bath in the title of this article and you all would be clicking play faster than a jack rabbit on a hot greasy griddle in the middle of August. I don't really know how fast that actually is but I heard Sandy Cheeks the Texan squirrel say it on SpongeBob last night and it just felt appropriate to say it now because Texans and Canadians are nearly identical. OK, no-not really. Actually the only thing that relates Canada and Texas at all is a muddy river called Canadian River.

The Canadian River definitely wasn't the one GSP and some of his training buddies got into for an exhilarating post training bath this week though. GSP doesn't like his baths muddy-he likes them icy. So icy in fact, that the river these guys decided to take an ice bath in this week had mini ice glaciers floating in it. I'm questioning if it's actually a river though. It looks more like GSP and crew broke into the penguin exhibit at the local zoo after a night of drinking one too many rye whiskeys. I was half expecting a polar bear to come roaring out of nowhere and watch GSP scramble up the stairs out of his icy river expedition. Unfortunately, none of that happened and it's just GSP and some of his dudes grunting and groaning while enduring the pain of shrinkage inducing water temperatures. Enjoy.

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