Jorge Masvidal Thoughts on Boxing Canelo Alvarez: “Chances are limited, but I’m a dog in every fight I’m in”

Jorge Masvidal believes that he would be a competitive dog in a boxing match against Canelo Alvarez, despite the large skill gap.

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Jorge Masvidal via Instagram @gamebredfight

Whether or not Jorge Masvidal believes he can beat Canelo Alvarez in a boxing match remains to be seen. One would assume that with an athlete’s mentality, Masvidal believes that he could win. However, in a recent interview about Alvarez, Masvidal believes that he would put up a fight at the very least. 

Alvarez vs Yildirim

Like the rest of the world, Masvidal tuned in to watch Canelo Alvarez defend his titles against the WBA obligatory challenger, Avni Yildirim. During the match, Alvarez was able to seemingly fire off any shot that he wanted, at any given time. From vicious liver shots to nasty right hooks and uppercuts, seemingly everything landed for Canelo. 

Ultimately, Alvarez landed a perfect one-two sequence straight down the pipeline, shipping Yildrim to the canvas. The clean work of Canelo was enough for Avni’s corner to throw in the towel and quit before the fourth round began, securing a win in a relatively easy night for Canelo.

Masvidal was impressed by the performance of Canelo. Speaking with IFL TV, Jorge spoke on Canelo’s performance, as well as potentially facing him one day in the ring. 

“After round one he was just pot-shotting him to death,” Masvidal continued. “It was just interesting to see what he can do to a number one contender so easily. Brings up the question: who can challenge this dude at 165 pounds? Because I truly feel it’s his weight right here. I don’t see nobody at 165.”

Masvidal on Fighting Canelo 

As the interview progressed, Jorge opened up about the idea of going to boxing. Furthermore, facing Canelo inside the ring and how the fight would be a dream come true. 

“My first love is boxing and I still love it to this day. If a champion in MMA can come over and challenge a champion in boxing? For me, it’s more than a dream, it’s a fulfillment. I first fell in love with boxing before UFC, started boxing before I even saw the UFC, so it’d be just full circle amazingness.”

“He’s one hell of a boxer, my brother,” said Jorge in regards to Canelo’s skill. “Chances are limited, but I’m a dog in every fight I’m in.”

With so much crossover happening between the two sports, it wouldn’t be a surprise if Masvidal found himself in a boxing ring against a formidable contender. However, a fight against Canelo is nearly impossible. Although crazier things have happened when it comes to MMA and boxing. 


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