Jorge Masvidal: ‘I’m Dead Serious’ About Boxing Canelo Alvarez

Jorge Masvidal
Photos via Instagram @gamebredfighter @canelo

Jorge Masvidal Wants To Box Canelo Alvarez

Jorge Masvidal won the BMF title over the weekend, at UFC 244. Now he is looking for a boxing match with Canelo Alvarez.

Following his win over Nate Diaz, Masvidal spoke out about potentially fighting boxing great Canelo Alvarez. The affair of UFC 244 was so massive, that it even caused Alvarez to delay his fight with Sergei Kovalev until after the main event. Therefore, there is some room to think that the two would have a big fight.

When speaking with Ariel Helwani, Jorge Masvidal doubled down on this sentiment to box Alvarez. Additionally, he explained why he thinks the fight would be good.

“I’m dead serious about trying to fight Canelo Alvarez. Give me a nice little change, I’ll take my talents over there. I feel like I can shock the world. Is Canelo a better boxer than me? Has he thrown ten thousands jabs more than me because that’s what he does morning and night, yeah, he’s a better boxer.

But can I bring some elements that boxers ain’t used to that are in the legal realm of boxing and throw Canelo completely off his game? F–k yes, man. I’m a naturally bigger dude. I punch like a f—ing truck. If I got boxing gloves on, I’m not afraid of breaking my hand because I got that cast on so I’ll be swinging extra harder. I feel like I could be a legitimate a– threat in there.”

Jorge Masvidal went on to explain that he has nothing but respect for Alvarez. Nonetheless, he is very interested in this boxing match. Whether or not the fight would actually happen, that is another story.

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