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Cain Velasquez vs. Ben Rothwell confirmed for UFC 104

So it looks like Shane Carwin vs. Brock Lesnar is confirmed for UFC 106. Since Cain Velasquez was supposed to be banging against Carwin in a few months, has been slated to face IFL veteran Ben Rothwell at UFC 104. Dude went undefeated in the IFL and besides being KOd by Andrei Arlovski, Rothwell hasn’t

Anderson Silva wants to fight as a HEAVYWEIGHT!

Let me brush the dust off of the ‘Are you serious? Wtf?‘ section of MiddleEasy. It’s been a little empty since the Chuck Liddell joining Dancing with the Stars story a few days ago. There, that should do it.  Alright, now what’s the last thing you thought you would hear today? Kelly Osborne being relevant

Gilbert ‘Spleen Eater’ Yvel going to the UFC

Yes! Yes! Yes! (That’s my Diego Sanchez for today). Finally we get to see some spleen eating and referee soccer kicking in the UFC! Gilbert Yvel is probably the truest fighter in MMA. You know how I proclaim that everything is rawesome around MiddleEasy? Well rawesome looks to Gilbert Yvel for advice. Dude’s been one

Shane Carwin vs. Brock Lesnar for UFC 106

So the rumor train came around late last night but I was too tired to hop on. When I woke up this morning it was still at my front door so I was obligated to hop along for the ride. Last night Shane took time out from his training of…boxing silverback gorillas and wrestling Yetis

So Wanderlei Silva had plastic surgery…

So remember a few weeks ago it was announced that Wanderlei Silva was going to bang against Micheal Bisping at UFC 105? Well that was canceled due to a little reconstructive surgery to Wanderlei Silva’s face. It turns out that years of getting slammed in the face can somehow be a ‘bad’ thing. Who would

Urijah Faber’s mom says it’s still OK to Rock ‘n’ Roll

Just in case you were wondering, Urijah Faber’s mom says it’s still OK to Rock ‘n’ Roll. Well not his real mom, his fake local television advertisement mom that apparently not only loves rock ‘n’ roll, but big 90s hair. Check out Urijah Faber as a little kid making cash as a child actor just

Overeem’s manager firing off at Brett Rogers

Maybe Strikeforce should just sign Overeem’s manager to a one fight deal with Brett Rogers’ manager so we can see…maybe not. That would be like watching my functional alcoholic neighbor in the cage with the guy that works at the bodega who tries to sell me incense every morning. I’m not saying either of them

James ‘Alien Ear’ Thompson is with Strikeforce

We tried to interview the alien lifeform inhabiting James Thompson’s ear but it clung onto our face, laid eggs inside our bodies and exploded out of our chest. Note to self: Buy the Alien Quadrilogy DVD set, which is a lame name for such a cool collection. Watching Aliens III is like watching that split

Diaz vs. Sakurai for Dream 11…maybe 12

This installment in today’s Nick Diaz news. Ever since the entire marijuana incident, it seems like Diaz has made a daily appearance in the MMA tabloids. In fact, I didn’t even mention the fact that Diaz has talked with CSAC to create ‘Therapeutic Usage Exemption’ Program which will allow him to smoke marijuana and compete

Preview of Mayhem Miller’s Bully Beatdown 2

The past couple of months, Mayhem Miller has been telling me this season of Bully Beatdown is just filled with enough bangemite sticks to make even the IRA proud. That’s sort of messed up that I compared Bully Beatdown to a terrorist organization and even more messed up that I chose to use ‘bangemite’ instead

Lil Nog is coming to the UFC

One is named Antônio Rodrigo Nogueira and the other is Antônio Rogério Nogueira, One goes by the nickname of Minotoro while the other is called Minotauro. The MMA world calls one Big Nog and the other Lil Nog (none of them have egg nog sponsorships…surprisingly). But the easiest way to tell the two apart is

Gegard Mousasi was only paid $2,000

Since Zeus just had his tooth pulled from his skull for probably being an irresponsible human being, I will handle the rest of the site updates for today while he enjoys floating on USS Viocodin for the rest of the evening. It’s always strange when a MMA organization releases the exact amount their employees were

Nick Diaz has one last shot with Showtime Sports

When you think of Nick Diaz you think of marijuana and then you immediately wonder why hasn’t the dude been sponsored by High Times yet? You remember how your friends told you they have a friend that knows a guy that can get bud? Nick Diaz is that guy. In fact, Diaz told the LA

Mayhem Miller vs. Jake Shields coming up

When we made our Top Ten Wildest MMA Entrances list, Jason ‘Mayhem’ Miller was the only guy to tell us he should have been ranked much higher. Despite coming in 5th place, he sent us a message with a video and told us to ‘watch this one’. It was the same exact video we placed

Ishida accuses Melendez of greasing

Accusing someone of greasing during a fight is the new black. Greasing goes with anything, even blue jeans. Greasing is what all the new kids are wearing. Grease is what gathers around my nose when I haven’t taken a shower in a couple of days. My nose is all about fashion. BJ Penn brought the

Can Jay Hieron get any love?

You’ve all heard the story of how Jay Hieron said ‘He has a lot of bills to pay and no paycheck‘ after the Affliction aftermath. Then you all know how he was signed to fight Nick Diaz on the Strikeforce card then Diaz had to drop out so the bout was in limbo. Jesse Taylor