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Watch Dana White respond to the Fedor vs. Rogers announcement

The fact that Dana White throws verbal ninja stars at other organizations shouldn’t surprise you. If this news has startled you, we suggest you go back and look at every recorded interview White has done in the last five years. Hopefully you may run across Technoviking in your search and he will steer you in

Cung Le gives up his belt to star in another movie

For those of you who probably have better things to do than prowl, Cung Le is starring in the Tekken movie as Marshall Law. It was announced sometime last year and the date of release is slated for 2009. It’s safe to say that Tekken is not going to premiere this year (and if

Strikeforce: Fedor vs. Rogers – Nov. 7th on CBS

So I was just about to hop in my car to go to the airport and I got this press release from Strikeforce. Get ready to smash something in excitement: September 17, 2009 MMA RETURNS TO PRIMETIME ON CBS WITH “STRIKEFORCE: FEDOR VS. ROGERS” LIVE ON SATURDAY, NOV. 7 Fedor, the #1 Ranked MMA Heavyweight

Leaving for UFC 103 and I just saw Kanye West…

Dana does Dallas. Cowboy Kung-Fu. UFC 103 is going down this Saturday and MiddleEasy will definitely be represented somewhere on the floor of the American Airlines Arena. Mega apologizes for the lack of updates today but I’m sure you’re still stunned from the blood grenade that was TUF 10. I’m about to take off for

Seth Petruzelli wants to fight Kimbo Slice in the octagon

On the eve of watching Kimbo vacuum the TUF 10 house and eat Cherrios purchased by ZUFFA, Seth Petruzelli had some thoughts that he needed to get off his shaved chest regarding the dude he KOd in spectacular fashion (that’s a super long sentence). A couple of weeks ago, Seth claimed that he was in

Note to self: Never fake an injury…especially in the cage

A few weeks ago Brett Rogers said the way he’s going to defeat Fedor Emelianenko is to fake an injury. Last night we realized the importance of not faking an injury, especially with a guy that trains at Cesar Gracie Ju Jitsu. We all witnessed probably the swiftest turn-around of a fight in UFC Fight

Get ready for an orgy of UFC action tonight

Let people at work call you stupid. Let them call you lazy. But don’t let them call you late for tonight’s UFC’s double-header of rawesomite action. I don’t really have to exert much effort to get you guys hyped up for tonight. Just consider this a reminder to turn off your cell-phone, lock your door

World’s Strongest Man making his MMA debut at 305lbs

If you’ve had a really screwed up life and died, Mariusz Pudzianowski would be the first person that would greet you in Hell. Mariusz Pudzianowski is the reason why you will never be that other guy in the picture. Last month we told you the World’s Strongest Man was training with Mechzilla and Shao-Kahn to

Josh Koscheck says he’s the ONLY guy that can beat GSP

Finally. I’m stoked there’s a Josh Koscheck story so I can use my ‘Throw-back Koscheck’ picture. It’s been sitting deep in our vault where we keep all the children. I mean…the vault where we keep the pictures of children. That still sounds creepy. This picture is from the vault which is filled with pictures of

Joe Lauzon likes to feed his friends frozen beef

Normally when someone pranks me, I don’t get even…I get violent. I thrash out like my functional alcoholic neighbor at 3am in the morning when her ex-husband makes an unexpected visit. What sucks about having a friend like Joe Lauzon is if he pranks you…you can’t hit him back. You can try, but it would

Anderson is NOT having surgery and COULD fight in November

Remember that one time when you thought Anderson Silva was human? After his theatrical exhibition during UFC 103, we all started to put the pieces of the puzzle together. Anderson Silva was in fact not human…dude only masqueraded as a human. Anderson Silva just patrols The Matrix as an Agent who occasionally gets in the

Start getting amped…UFC 106’s official poster

Another amazing power that I try not to abuse that often is the ability to ask Shane Carwin practically anything and he will respond via Twitter. After his interview on MiddleEasy (which is the most read interview on the site), Carwin decided that our genetics have not been spliced with the ‘douche’ gene and every

Floyd Mayweather, tell us how you REALLY feel about UFC…

Raise your hand if you’re 39-0. If you’ve lifted your arm and your name is not Floyd Mayweather then you need to pack your belongings and get the F out of asgard. Dude has mowed through the absolute best talent in boxing and this weekend, fight fans are going to have their arms bent behind

Watch the first 8 minutes of TUF 10 right here

For all those who simply can’t wait until tomorrow to watch Kimbo Slice eat a bologna sandwich in a house full of 15 other guys, then watch the first 8 minutes of TUF 10 right here, right now. You can thank H.G. Wells for the clip later. [Source]  

Bas Rutten wants to scare your kids

Bas Rutten probably thinks your out of shape. I probably think you’re out of shape but I’m not the three-time King of Pancrase nor has my blood been replaced with cans of Red Bull. In an effort to instill fear in American children, Cartoon Network has hired Bas Rutten to tell your kids what to

Dana White talks about Brett Rogers, EA Sports and everything else…

Dana White is the Viceroy of Verbage, Sultan of Smack, Leader of of Lingustics, Dictator of Diction…I could do this all day (then I would look back on my life and cry myself to sleep). Dana White was interviewed by Canada’s MMA Connected and here is what he had to say about…well nearly everything: Penn