Erin Toughill verbally KOs Kim Couture

For those of you who haven’t read our interview with Toughill, if you click on this little blue link, you will take a voyage through time and space an eventually arrive at Erin Toughill’s doorstep. She may size you up at first, but just congratulate her on her recent wedding and she’ll probably let you in for pumpkin pie and mint julep.

Kim Couture vs. Kerry Vera went down last weekend. Couture hung in there but she couldn’t stop the casserole of punches Kerry Vera flung at her. Vera eventually scored the TKO and now we can hopefully plan on seeing Sarah Kaufman vs. Kerry Vera in the very near future. However, Erin Toughill was not impressed by Kim Couture’s per-for-mance. This is what she had to say on the UG.

Gimme a F*CKN break. Kim? If you used your “Greco skills like Randy did”??!! KIM — you ARE NOT RANDY AND YOU NEVER WILL BE. Saying you were “slightly overmatched” on the feet?? You were VASTLY overmatched on the feet. I agree you were more aggressive at times, but that in no way, makes you a fighter or a better fighter than Vera. You had 2 fights and you were already calling yourself the next ICON after Gina Carano? R u kidding? Pushing someone against the fence (while eating punches and elbows) doesnt show that you were the more imposing or stronger fighter lmao it showed your skill level is nowhere near where it should be, considering you have been training MMA “long before you met Randy”. You landed 2 (maybe 3 punches) and the one time you actually had a single leg…you couldnt finish it. Vera negated everything you did, and if she was a lil more confident, coulda stopped you in half the time. For someone who has had THREE pro fights and took 3 weeks off from training in a year…fighting is not for you. Keeping your hands @ chest level, doing crazy far away switch stances and JUMPING in w left hooks only to be TKOd in minutes…I dont know who your striking coach is, but rewatch your fight…and start sparring and getting HIT during training.

Your post sounds exactly like the “BIO page” on your site. Stop living off Randy’s name and stop pretending that you are a MMA fighter. If you wanna fight – go ahead, but use Borrego instead of Couture & work your way up like everyone else. Fighting is not for everyone, and its not good or bad, it just is. Vera is adorable and has SO much potential, I can’t wait. Kerry is a great addition to SF and she had a great win over a vastly outmatched, underskilled opponent Friday night.

Kim was NEVER training MMA before she met Randy. Even if I married Randy (being at the “level” I am now) it would NEVER make me a world class Greco Roman wrestler lmfao thru marriage.

Kim has gone on record numerous times saying she “built” the Couture name/brand & it was nothing b4 her. Kim was interviewed post “sparring” with Wand Silva saying, “Silva had to turn it UP, when I turned it up” lol believing that she was actually making Wand spar HARD. She has said “it’s really hard for Randy to pass my rubber guard” lol believing that her “guard” can keep the ICON away. Kim had lunch w some ladies from the XC gym b4 her fight. She had some lip augmentation done. Girls askd howd it affect her fight? Kim said, “It would not. I dont get hit in sparring OR when I fight. I have a ‘black style’ when it comes to boxing”. That is word for word and it blew me away lol Kim has “improved everywhere” and has taken 3 weeks off from training in a year…yet lookd like she has been training for 3 weeks, total.

There are SO many women fighters that feel the same way…I just dont have an issue saying it. She has no business fighting nor taking spotlight from women who deserve to fight & cant seem to get a contract, like Roxy, Young, Tate…2 name a few. Yes, Im opinionated & ppl can love ot hate it lol but those quotes are not even in the same world.

Those are fighting words. Words that can only come from one of the best 145lb in the game right now. Words that would get the normal person a knee directly to their face. Words that I will keep nestled away in my back pocket and use in a moment of absolute desperation. [Source]

Published on November 25, 2009 at 3:38 pm
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