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Frank Mir wants to stand with Cheick Kongo

Frank Mir wants to stand with Cheick Kongo

You probably already know that Cheick Kongo’s fists could rearrange the universe at will. That’s a scientific fact. Physicists in some university you’ve never heard of spent your tax dollars coming to that conclusion. Someone should have just told them to look at the dude’s career for evidence. Out of his five losses, four of them were unanimous decisions and two were split-decisions. He’s only been TKOd once by Gilbert Yvel (and in Yvel’s next fight, he thought the referee needed a little KOing as well). Kongo’s known for having perhaps the best stand-up of any UFC heavyweight…and Frank Mir wants to test it

“I mean I wasn’t supposed to beat Nogueira standing and look what happened there. I’m confident that I can strike with Cheick [Kongo] and make it competitive, my punches are a lot quicker than his, plus I know how to work angles better, trust me I know how to shut guys off. The thing is if I were to go out there and submit him in less than a minute It would prove nothing, a true martial artists would want to challenge himself and the challenge presented in front of me right now is to out-strike someone who on paper is the better striker.”

Damn, can someone finally install that flux capacitor on our Delorean so we can travel to December 12th and see this fight at UFC 107. Just whatever you two guys do, try not to get a staph infection. Please. [Source

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