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Nick Diaz has one last shot with Showtime Sports

When you think of Nick Diaz you think of marijuana and then you immediately wonder why hasn’t the dude been sponsored by High Times yet? You remember how your friends told you they have a friend that knows a guy that can get bud? Nick Diaz is that guy. In fact, Diaz told the LA

Mayhem Miller vs. Jake Shields coming up

When we made our Top Ten Wildest MMA Entrances list, Jason ‘Mayhem’ Miller was the only guy to tell us he should have been ranked much higher. Despite coming in 5th place, he sent us a message with a video and told us to ‘watch this one’. It was the same exact video we placed

Ishida accuses Melendez of greasing

Accusing someone of greasing during a fight is the new black. Greasing goes with anything, even blue jeans. Greasing is what all the new kids are wearing. Grease is what gathers around my nose when I haven’t taken a shower in a couple of days. My nose is all about fashion. BJ Penn brought the

Can Jay Hieron get any love?

You’ve all heard the story of how Jay Hieron said ‘He has a lot of bills to pay and no paycheck‘ after the Affliction aftermath. Then you all know how he was signed to fight Nick Diaz on the Strikeforce card then Diaz had to drop out so the bout was in limbo. Jesse Taylor

WWE Diva ‘Victoria’ is moving to MMA

Apparently every fighter that comes from the WWE is hand-dipped in rawesome sauce. First we had Brock Lesnar who became the UFC Heavyweight Champion in only his 4th professional fight. Dude also haves a strong affinity for Coors Light and scaring the hell out of camera men. Next there was Bobby Lashley whose body appears

Chuck Liddell joins Dancing With The Stars

Chuck Liddell and his ‘MadMax: Beyond the Thunderdome’ Mohawk will be joining the cast of Dancing With The Stars on ABC. A formal announcement will be made by the television network later this week including the rest of the cast members. If you’re unfamiliar with the reality show ‘Dancing with the Stars’, imagine a group

That Fedor promo you saw last night…

I’m sure everyone geeked out when they saw that unexpected Fedor promo that aired during the Strikeforce card last night. Maybe you’re not familiar with the definition of ‘geeking out’. Geeking out is when you’re talking to a hot chick and a booger casually drops on your upper lip. Geeking out is when you show

Nick Diaz vs. Jay Hieron by the end of 2009

Here’s a brief summary of how you pass a drug test with the California Athletic Comission. Don’t take the test. That’s it, just don’t take the friggin test. It’s a sure shot to get by the CSAC substance test but the only catch is you will have to dip out of a Strikeforce welterweight title

Marloes Coenen will face Cyborg by the end of 2009

Shortly after Carano had her face surgically rearranged by the Strikeforce 145lb Women’s Champion, Cris Cyborg, Marloes Coenen told Fanhouse that she is signing a contract with Strikeforce and that she has been tapped to challenge Cyborg for her belt. For those of you that don’t know Marles, she’s first off…really hot. She’s also a

Paul Buentello probably going to the UFC

If I were that guy from Quantum Leap, the last place I would want to transport to was the body of Kirill ‘Baby Fedor’ Sidelnikov on January 24th 2009. It was like the government closed down three-mile island and authorized Sidelnikov’s face to be an atomic bomb testing site. To Kirill’s credit, dude did not

Cyborg gives Carano her FIRST lost

Tonight, Cyborg proved why she’s named Cyborg. Well, we all have to admit…Gina Carano looked pretty damn hot tonight. Absolutely stunning. Despite looking like my future wife, tonight belonged to Cris Cyborg. It was defintely the most exciting fight of the night. With one second left in the first round, the ref called called it

Mousasi has ANOTHER belt now

Wow, yeah we’re not doing good when it comes to picking who’s going to win. Thanks MMAMoneyline for giving us the opportunity to let the world know our picks but damn, you may have to put a disclaimer on them. Gegard Mousasi trains with Fedor. That should be enough to notch the W for ‘The

El Nino TKOs Ishida

Once again, we’re happy you didn’t put any cash on our picks. We had Ishida defeating Gilbert Melendez. Why? Well mostly we’re idiots. Our mission statement at is ‘we lose money so you won’t have to’. Gilbert Melendez finally get the revenge he’s been looking for ever since Ishida got the win in Japan

Werdum with the win

So it looks like Werdum pulled a guillotine similar to the submissions he pulls on me all the time on UFC Undisputed. I wasn’t surprised when he submitted Mike Kyle in the first round with incredible ease. Dude does it to me all the time. I literally had to retire my character on UFC Undisputed

Jay Hieron defeats Jesse Taylor

BREAKING NEWS: The universe no longer hates Jay Hieron. After being demoted to a non-title fight and demoted to a prelim fight, Jay Hieron pulled the unanimous decision against your boy Jesse Taylor. We’re hoping Strikeforce gives the dude like a $100k bonus just for being the poster boy for bad luck. Nick Diaz should

Randy Couture and Jay Hieron confirmed for EA Sports MMA

Finally, Jay Hieron can unload that gun he had pointed at God last week when it was announced that Nick Diaz was forced to drop out of their welterweight title fight due to his extreme longing for a nicely rolled blunt. Yesterday at the Strikeforce weigh-ins, EA Sports announced that Jay Hieron and Randy Couture