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Jon Jones Next Match

Jon Jones Announces Grappling Match With Jake Hager, Hager Denies It

As it starts to look a lot like Christmas, we may be celebrating another event: the return of Jon Jones.  Breaking The News While the former UFC Champion isn’t stepping foot inside the Octagon just quite yet, he will be competing very soon. Jones would announce he is part of a big grappling match, which

Betty Broadhurst Bjj

Betty Broadhurst in her 60s Receives Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt

At the age of 60-yo Betty Broadhurst has received a Black Belt in Jiu-Jitsu. Betty started training at the age of 54 and after almost a decade of training, coach Diêgo Bispo handed his black belt to Betty Broadhurst this past weekend after she won gold medals in the blue and purple divisions at IBJJF

Paul Craig

Paul Craig Gets BJJ Black Belt Following UFC 263, Congratulated By Jamahal Hill

Scotland’s Paul Craig got a massive win at UFC 263, after dislocating Jamahal Hill’s elbow. These grappling skills were enough to earn him his Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt, which he received right in front of his foe. Curing his bout with Hill, Craig secured a deep armbar which snapped Jamahal’s limb. While the referee did

Fighters Competed in Jiu-Jitsu

Famous MMA Fighters Who’ve Competed In Jiu-Jitsu

Becoming an MMA fighter is a brutal and demanding career choice, and yet, many MMA fighters still choose to compete outside of the cage, too. Competing in jiu-jitsu or submission grappling tournaments is one way that professional MMA fighters can build their ground game while earning some extra cash. As professional grappling events have become

Before You Start BJJ

5 Things To Know Before You Start BJJ

When many people first hear the term “Brazilian jiu-jitsu,” they think about many traditional martial arts that involve strikes, kicks, and stances. More recently, the popularity of mixed martial arts and professional submission grappling events has helped dispel misconceptions about the sport, but there are still many people who walk into their first jiu-jitsu class

Craig Jones

Craig Jones To Face Gabi Garcia In Intergender Grappling Match

There is an argument that can be made that Craig Jones and Gabi Garcia are the best male and female grapplers in the world today. Now they will be facing off on the mats, in what promises to be an interesting, if bizarre matchup. Over the years, both Jones and Garcia have built up massive

BJJ for Mental Health

The Mental Health Benefits of BJJ

Brazilian jiu-jitsu is a physically demanding martial art that can help you get into great shape while teaching you practical skills that can be used for self-defense. Many people have used their BJJ training as a catalyst to build strength and improve their cardio, all while having a lot of fun in the process. The

Gordon Ryan

Gordon Ryan Signs With ONE Championship, Will Compete In MMA

Some fans of BJJ have been wanting to see Gordon Ryan make the move to MMA for a while. Now it seems that the wait is going to be over soon, as he has signed to compete in ONE Championships. Over the years, Ryan has put together a resume within jiu-jitsu that is rivaled by

Jiu Jitsu For Kids

Why Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Is Good For Kids

Brazilian jiu-jitsu is often touted as a great way for adults to get in shape, meet friends, and learn a new practical skill. Kids can also greatly benefit from this martial art, though, and in fact, getting them involved might be one of the best things you could do for them. BJJ for kids has

Kickboxing For BJJ

Why BJJ Students Should Also Take Kickboxing Classes

Brazilian jiu-jitsu is a physically demanding grappling art that will help you build strength, physical endurance, and cardio. It’s no surprise that even life-long athletes in other sports feel both physically and mentally exhausted after trying even one BJJ class. In fact, many jiu-jitsu students soon find that they don’t need to supplement their time

Martial Arts Sparring

Should You Train Jiu-Jitsu For Sport Or Self-Defense?

Jiu-jitsu is often touted as a great martial art for self-defense. Learning to grapple is an effective way to protect yourself, especially with so many street fights ending up on the ground. When applied properly, the techniques you learn in BJJ class can help you stay safe while controlling your attacker. The catch, however, is

BJJ Is The Best Martial

BJJ Is The Best Martial Art For Getting In Shape

When searching for an effective and maintainable way to get in shape, it helps to find a type of exercise that you enjoy. There are many people who love lifting weights or going for a jog around the neighborhood, but many other people quickly become bored with traditional exercise. Martial arts can be a fun


10 BJJ Athletes Who’ve Made The Jump To MMA

Given how often fights go to the ground, it’s no secret that having an extensive background in jiu-jitsu is helpful for athletes who want to get into MMA. While some BJJ practitioners are happy to focus on grappling for their entire career, many others decide to branch out and step into the cage. Here are