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Street MMA: If you KO someone at Subway, don’t forget to place your order

Street MMA: If you KO someone at Subway, don’t forget to place your order

Nothing beats that sweet Subway sleep. This Lesson in Street MMA comes with a “do you want chips with that?” question.

For fans of knockouts and bread made out of yoga mats, this Street Fight is for you.

This has already been banner week for Street MMA (Bless up Baby Jay Penn). Now the Street Fight Gods are giving us maybe the best walk-off KO in Street MMA history.

This is once in human history type stuff here. Our Meatball Marinara Hero hits him with the freshness and just goes right back to ordering his food.

Right back.


MiddleEasy owes this dude a fresh baked cookie; on the house.

The origins of this 60 percent meat to 40 percent fat steak beef? Have to assume it’s something about Quiznos losing the great fast food Sandwich Wars to Subway. Everyone knows it should have been Quiznos, but don’t go and get yourself knocked out by the chips rack for the cause.

Maybe our favorite Subway moment since the epic crossover with the world of pro wrestling. Take a bite of your Italian B.M.T., and then pour out one for the homies.

Maybe the worst part of this entire ordeal? Our dude in the red shirt is going to wake up from his floor nap smelling like Subway. Just drenched in slimy lettuce and baked bread cologne.

Ate a combo, now he’s not even going to remember to order his Cold Cut Combo.

Truly MMA’s next great super-fight is BJ Penn versus the guy who has his Subway loyalty card fully punched. Winner gets a free $5 dollar foot long?

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