Street MMA: BJ Penn involved in another bar fight, may have actually won

Street Mma: Bj Penn Bar Fight

You can’t lose your next UFC fight, if you never make your next UFC fight. BJ Penn is out here playing chess.

So BJ Penn’s life continues to spiral out of control. There are levels to this and Baby Jay is ever so close to reaching rock bottom.

Really don’t need a drunken, out of shape Prodigy teaching Lessons in Street MMA. It’s just sad.

TMZ Sports with the latest turn of events for someone who was once one of MMA’s legends.

“UFC legend BJ Penn was involved in another bar fight in Hawaii — this time, the 40-year-old was sprawled out on top of another man raining down punches, and TMZ Sports has the video.

Penn was at the Lava Shack on the Big Island on Tuesday when he got into it with another dude — and in classic Penn fashion, the fight ended up on the ground. We have a pic of Penn at the bar earlier in the night. You can see the clothing is the same.

Unclear what started the fight — but we’re told law enforcement responded to the scene. It does NOT appear Penn was arrested and cops say they have no record so far.”

It’s 2019 and BJ Penn still has some swing with law enforcement in Hawaii. What. A. Time. To watch your heroes keep messing up in life. At least there is no doubt Penn won this Street MMA incident.

Maybe the worst part of all this is not Penn getting booked over and over again by the UFC; to lose in sad fashion. Or him getting in bar fights at age 40. Dude, you’re 40 and you’re BJ Freaking Penn. Do better.

The worst part? In April, Penn had restraining order put on him for sexual and drug abuse. Plus BJ, you’re making Nik Lentz look smart, MMA can’t have that.

Motivated BJ is long gone. Don’t worship sports heroes, they will disappoint you eventually.

Update 12:55 PM PST: So about that win….New Video: BJ Penn Eats A Combo & Gets Knocked Out In A Street Fight.

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