A Lesson in Subway MMA: A single rear naked choke puts him to sleep, lets you make your stop

Subway MMA

Sometimes even Subway MMA needs a touch of the gentle art. When you’re riding home on the train and another passenger wants to a cut a passionate promo on you, it’s time to break out your Street jiu-jitsu skills. Subway trains are often crowded during rush hour, so winging haymakers is not always ideal.

From the underground subway routes beneath the streets of New York City we have a street MMA beef solved quickly. Watch as the dude in the maroon shirt listens on as the guy in the white polo tries to break him down mentally before it gets physical. Maroon shirt dude, who likely watched Royce Gracie on VHS, calmly downloads his opponent’s shit talk, processes it and then spits out a simple formula to defeat him.

R-N-C defense all day, every day in the often overlooked world of Subway MMA. Protect your neck white polo guy or get put to simple in very violent fashion.

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