The Sunday Morning Rumor Mill

Fedor lost. Damn. At least England was eliminated in the World Cup in the most savage way possible. That sort of makes up for the greatest fighter of all time tapping out due to a triangle. Ah, who am I kidding. My world is crushed. I was in press row looking at the event and I still couldn’t believe it. Alas, life must go in so without further ado, stand still while I simultaneously slap all of you with this week’s edition of The Sunday Morning Rumor Mill.

  • Since this is the biggest and perhaps wildest rumor I have to get it out the way regardless of how incredible it may sound. The rumor is that Werdum vs. Fedor was fixed. At the post-fight press conference, Fedor admitted there were several opportunities for him to escape Werdum’s triangle, but he chose not to. Fedor also said something along the lines of ‘See, now you know I’m only human’. Whenever I make it back home, I’ll edit the video. It’s all there. The second part of this rumor is that Fedor intentionally loss because he felt he was reaching an uncomfortable level in his life where people considered him a living idol, something that is vehemently against his Russian-Orthodox religion. Admittedly, this is quite a heavy rumor to ingest.
  • Jake Shields arrived at the HP Pavilion for Strikeforce Fedor vs. Werdum but was denied a ticket/pass. He spent the rest of the time roaming around the arena taking pictures with fans and signing autographs.
  • Gilbert Melendez and Jake Shields got in a slight altercation in the stands.
  • There is still much to be uncovered in the Pride vs. ZUFFA lawsuit that happened in 2009.
  • Werdum’s entourage was drinking in his locker room prior to his fight. The athletic commission came in the locker room and removed the alcohol.
  • Rumor in the ZUFFA camp is that after last night’s loss, Dana White is no longer interested in Fedor.
  • After the post-fight press conference, Fedor had to personally consulate his M-1 Global management to let them know ‘everything will be alright’.
  • Fedor has one fight left on his contract and it will be used for a Fedor vs. Werdum rematch.
  • Instead of fighting Fedor in his second title defense, Alistair will face Bobby Lashley.
  • Scott Smith has turned down a rubber match with Cung Le and wants to move on with his career.
  • Rosi Sexton is out of Bellator’s women’s tournament and has been replaced with Zoila Frausto.
  • M-1 Global will still market Fedor as the #1 heavyweight in the world.
  • The production department for UFC 116 has been instructed by Dana White to push Carwin vs. Lesnar as ‘The #1 heavyweight in the world vs. the #2 heavyweight in the world’. In fact, that is roughly the exact tagline that will be used.

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