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Street MMA + Stick Fighting = This Frankenstein Creation

Street MMA + Stick Fighting = This Frankenstein Creation

If this is the future of MMA then someone please fix my flux capacitor or at least point me in the direction of someone that can. Point me in the direction of Christopher Lloyd so I can see just what he’s been doing the past twenty years. If you said appearing in obscure made for television movies, then you are correct. What this truly is is not MMA at all. That is, if you don’t mind mixing in a little deadly weapons in with your uchi-matas and sprawl training.

So this appears to be a sect of ‘The Gathering’ created by the ‘Dog Brothers.’ According to them, this is the resounding embodiment of mixed martial arts. Heck, they even have a website promoting it as such. We really can’t classify this activity as Street MMA since things are entirely too premeditated and actually have some sort of organization. So what now — we have an unclassifiable method of fighting and all we have is this video to show for it. Hmph, that should be good enough.

Check it out and note that if MMA turns into this Frankenstein-like creation, society is severely screwed. Props to @PettyConcerns for the find.

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