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(Video) Watch Gunnar Nelson Grapple With World’s Strongest Man Hafthor Bjornsson, AKA Gregor “The Mountain” From Game of Thrones

Gunnar Nelson and Hafthor Bjornsson grappled on Youtube to see if black belt level technique would be enough to outclass sheer, brute, strength.

(Video) Watch Gunnar Nelson Grapple With World’s Strongest Man Hafthor Bjornsson, AKA Gregor “The Mountain” From Game of Thrones

UFC veteran Gunnar Nelson recently grappled with World’s Strongest Man, Hafthor Bjornsson. Most people know Bjornsson for his role as Gregor “The Mountain” Clegane in the HBO series Game of Thrones.

MMA Ties

Bjornsson is no stranger to the MMA world. Especially when it comes to battling against members of Team SBG Ireland. In the past, Hafthor has put out numerous videos with Conor McGregor. Before, he even stated that he would only need 10 seconds to crush Conor. 

Bjornsson is 6’9″, 400lbs, and an Icelandic strongman. In with video with Gunnar, he explored the possibility of what would happen if he and Nelson were to grapple. Would Gunnar’s black belt level and technique be enough to counter Hafthor’s brute strength?

Gunnar Nelson and Hafthor Bjornsson Grapple

Notably, Bjornsson slimmed down in weight. This was due to stepping away from the world of strongman and focusing on a potential new career in boxing. 

“I’ve been wanting for a long time, (to grapple against Gunnar Nelson)because a lot of my friends have been saying, I have no chance against you on the floor,” Bjornsson said.

“I’m just interested. To see if the technique and the experience is going to overcome the strength. Not only the strength but also the body weight.”

Nelson’s technique was able to help him gain advantageous positions throughout the video. However, Bjornsson’s sheer strength was the main factor that kept him from tapping throughout the sessions. With no grappling experience at all, Gunnar was impressed at his ability to stay out of danger. 

“When he asked me if his strength was surprising, I was like no but his conditioning was,” said Nelson.

“He was able to keep going and not just conditioning but he was smart with his fights. He used his weight well. He’s not just heavy and strong but he’s athletic with his weight.”

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