Teddy Atlas Praises Thor Bjornsson For Beating Eddie Hall In Boxing Match: “He Showed The Edge There”

Atlas analyzes 'the heaviest boxing match in history'.

(via Thor's Instagram page)

Teddy Atlas had a lot to talk about, regarding one of the ‘biggest’ spectacles the sport of boxing has ever seen.

And no, he’s not talking about Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor. Instead, he’s recapping an event with athletes three times their size. ‘The heaviest boxing match in history’ would come a few weeks ago, with Hafthor (Thor) Bjornsson taking on Eddie Hall.

The super heavyweights would box for six rounds and ultimately went the distance in their grudge match. ‘The Mountain’ would score a unanimous decision victory over Hall, picking up a few knockdowns on the way.

*cough* steroids

The strongmen aren’t exactly professional boxers, so it was quite the spectacle to see. Atlas would recap the heavy action on his podcast.

“They’re strong,” Atlas started off. “We’ve seen them throw truck tires around and pick up boulders and chuck them around. So, that’s obvious… [It’s] also apparent that they are eating at the same burger place as Canelo [Alvarez] does in Mexico.”

Of course, the joke there was that both men were most definitely on performance-enhancing drugs. 

Atlas Breaks It Down

Comedy aside, Atlas would analyze the matchup stylistically. He’d even give some credit to both Bjornsson and Hall for throwing down.

“In all seriousness, it comes down to the same thing. Even in these tough man where obviously their skills are less developed. We get it. They’re much rawer. We get it. But as I always say, whether calling the UFC fights talking about that or calling boxing, whatever the combat happens to be, I always talk about, yeah, it’s one thing to have power. It’s one thing to have strength, but it comes to who’s the smartest, who’s the most developed technically. Always. It comes to, yeah, you got power, but you better have a delivery system that works for that power. I give credit to Bjornsson, he showed the edge there.

“Bjornsson had the advantage of being tall. Like I used to always say on ESPN, you gotta know how to fight tall. He knew how to fight tall. He knew how to take advantage of that asset. Be on the outside and control range, be able to keep the guy at the end of longer punches. So credit to him for understanding and developing that skill, to deliver his power better. And he did, he delivered his left hand where he dropped Hall a couple times, congratulations to Hall for showing hard for showing guts, getting up each time.”

Where Hall Failed

Atlas would continue. 

“But at the same time, Hall didn’t develop the skills set to go with his physique, with his assets physically. He needed to learn how to slip punches, get inside Tyson-like. Slip punches, get inside, bring your feet along and shorten up your punches. While Bjornsson threw nice straight punches… he threw them the right way. Hall was throwing haymakers from I don’t know, from the Mojave desert and they were fighting it Dubai. It shouldn’t be thrown from the Mojave desert, you’re in Dubai. He paid a price for that. 

“It came down [to] two strong strong guys, but the guy that was developed technically, that had the delivery system, that was a little smarter, he’s the guy who, uh, who won and that’s Bjornsson.”

Published on March 31, 2022 at 6:57 am
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