Bisping puts UberCung in a pile of his own blood in Macau

Michael Bisping had to go to the hospital to get saline pumped through his system because his weight cut was so nasty yesterday. Meanwhile, UberCung had more veins popping out of his chest than a Metroid Prime boss. How could Bisping overcome UberCung? By throwing punches in bunches and spinning sh*t as if he snuck a glance at Cung’s move list while he went to the bathroom. Cung looked like his body was ready for this battle, but after being sliced open by the many nasty shots The Count put on him, he eventually succumbed and collapsed bloody and beaten. 

If Bisping has pillow fists, those pillows are filled with razorblades and bad intentions. And as Bisping reminded everyone, “he’s goin’ fooken nowhere.”

Thanks to JagHarReddit for this replay. This one. Right here:

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