Video: Chinese police raid MMA gym that adopts kids and then trains them to fight at local events

In ten years when China rules the world, remember this MMA fight club full of kids in Chengdu. While the rest of humanity is playing checkers, China MMA is playing chess and already two moves ahead of the rest of western civilization.

Adopting orphans off the streets and training them to be hardcore MMA fighting machines? Sure why not. Making them eat, sleep and live MMA 24/7?Completely normal. Booking full on MMA fight cards using only the children you adopted and trained? Nothing to see here.

Well, after years of running their children MMA operation Chinese authorities are now investigating the Enbo MMA Club to see if their whole “Underground Kid Fight Club” is on the up-and-up.

Check out the video below for fight footage and interviews with some of the young preteen fighters competing on the Enbo MMA Club fight shows.

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