Fight Video: Kung Fu fighter challenges MMA fighter to match with one hand behind his back

Kung Fu the legend continues. Meanwhile in China fight promoters are booking discipline vs. discipline matches like it’s 1993 and we love it. While the UFC is still struggling to find it’s footing in China, all they really need is some ‘Kung Fu fighter challenges MMA fighter’ style bookings.

Just sent a boatload of random UFC fighters over to mainland China and have them beat up all the old school Kung Fu, Wing Chun and Wushu fighters. Literally ship them out on a boat and have them rush the gyms of China for gym battles.

Problem. Solved.

What are these anonymous men and women doing on Fight Pass, when they could be doing real work for the UFC.

You’re welcome UFC.

Until the day comes where the UFC listens to all of MiddleEasy’s great ideas, enjoy watching this match between a Kung Fu dude and a MMA dude; also the MMA dude fights with one-hand behind his back because ‘fuck not mixing your martial arts’.

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