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Video: MMA Fighter in Hiding After Beating Up Wushu Master

Video: MMA Fighter in Hiding After Beating Up Wushu Master

As crazy as it seems for this to still be a thing in 2017, China is in a god damn uproar because a young MMA fighter, Xu Xiaodong, said that Wushu is some pretty bullshit that doesn’t work in a real fight. His open challenge to all Wushu masters was accepted by Wei Lei, master of the Thunder Style of Tai Chi. Naturally, Xu Xiaodong did this old man dirty.


It seems like for all the growth in understanding of effective martial arts globally, large areas of China are still clinging to the myths of traditional Chinese arts. Xu Xiadong’s demonstration of the limitations of these arts has not been well received. The fervor of his opposition has been whipped up across the region as the video went viral. Traditional martial arts supporters have even forced the fighter to go into hiding. Public sentiment is so strongly against Xu Xiaodong that a millionaire Chinese soft drink tycoon is offering $2 million to anyone who can beat him up.

Life’s hitting some tough times for our hero of martial integrity, so Middle Easy wants to give a tip of the cap Xu Xiaodong. Fuck these haters; keep knocking out old ass Chinese masters.  Try to cash some soft drink checks while your at it. Don’t forget to embrace the heel role.

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