MMA News and Rumors

Happy Brocktober! Brock Lesnar return to the Brocktagon rumors begin anew

There are only a few ways you can properly celebrate the month formerly known as October, now called Brocktober, since about 2010. Massive party subs from a Brock Lesnar approved sandwich distribution center, handing out Brock Lesnar shaped beef jerky rather than candy on the 31st of Brocktober, and begin speculation that the former UFC

Rumors are swirling that GTA V will be released on PS4 two weeks before Xbox One

Mother what the hell y’all! There’s rumours afoot. I like the word afoot. It’s such a strange use of the English language, but it’s beautiful nonetheless. That’s another one. Nonetheless, it’s so lazy. Someone just decided one day, I’m done with spaces. Anyways, rumours or rumors as you lot across the pond call them are

Rumors point to Twitch entering the loving embrace of Google

Twitch is the go-to service for streaming videogames for the world, being its own unique little spot on the internet for gamers to have after YouTube became a place where copyright was king and creativity was pushed aside for the pennies-on-the-dollar you get for every few hundred views. So it goes. This weekend the internet