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Aleksander Emelianenko accuses KSW of spreading rumors that he has hepatitis C

Aleksander Emelianenko accuses KSW of spreading rumors that he has hepatitis C

I got a vegetarian friend that always likes to start off conversations by telling me how bad meat is. I always like to end those conversations by telling him ‘If meat is bad for you, then why is it still a food?’. Despite popular belief, you can not catch hepatitis C from eating shellfish, however if you have hepatitis C doctors suggest that you should stay away from shellfish. If Aquaman had hepatitis C, dude’s life would be ruined. He wouldn’t be that underwater avenger we’ve come to know. Instead, he would probably be that dude at the corner store who sold you packs of cigarettes when you were underage.

Aleksander Emelianenko is now accusing Konfrontacja Sztuk Walki (KSW) of further spreading the rumor that he’s unable to compete in the organization because of his alleged hepatitis C and now he expects an official explanation and apology.

“I’ve no idea where this information came from. Both myself and my fighters will go to Europe to take a medical exam to disprove these rumors. It’s just mudslinging someone started on the Internet to discredit people. We contacted a person from KSW who started this rumor, questioning where he got this information. In the next couple of days, maybe today or tomorrow, I expect his explanation regarding the official statement he made on TV”

To this day, the CSAC still will not disclose the reason why they said Alek will never fight in the US but the rumor has long been that shortly before his planned Affliction: Banned bout with Paul Buentello, he was pulled from the card after testing positive for hepatitis. Of course all of these rumors could be laid to rest if Aleksander released his medical records but in mother Russia, medical records release you. [Source]

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