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Dana White already firing off at Herschel Walker

Dana White had a little verbal kung-fu exhibition today with the dude on the left of this article holding a football. When I met Herschel Walker at UFC 103, I really didn’t know what to say so the ‘You’re an idiot’ part of my brain activated and I managed to utter ‘Dude, I really liked

Brett Rogers ‘Feels like he could fight 3 Fedors’

Today Brett Rogers twittered (twatted?) that his training is going so good that he feels like he could fight three Fedors. Imagine being hit in the head with Jupiter. Now imagine being hit in the head with Jupiter, Thor’s hammer and my ex-girlfriend’s black high-heel. That’s just about the equivalent of being in the cage

Roy Nelson vs. Kimbo Slice next week…so watch the sneak peek today

I’m pretty sure everyone’s jaw dislocated at the end of TUF 10 last night when Rashad Evans announced Roy Nelson will be going toe to toe with Kimbo ‘I get crazy ratings for Spike TV’ Slice. If EliteXC were still around (RIP) this would be a main event. About a month ago Roy Nelson got

Couture vs. Vera counterprogramming Couture vs. Vera

Alright so back on September 15th 2009 we announced that Brandon Vera will have an altercation with Randy Couture at UFC 105 and we mentioned that if Strikeforce wanted to get into the counter-programming business, they should assemble Kim Couture vs. Kerry Vera and confuse the hell out of everyone. Just a couple of days

Watch Kimbo’s fight scene in Blood and Bone

Before you see Kimbo Slice eat a bag of Fritos tonight on TUF 10, watch his prison shower fight scene in Blood and Bone. I can assure you, it’s not erotic as you think it is (or want it to be). But before you do any of that, you can catch Kimbo Slice LIVE at

Dream 12 ‘The White Cage’ promo video

For the first time in 90 years a Dream promo video was released that didn’t actually consist of wacky BBQs with hot chicks or weird animated cartoon depictions of MMA fighters. A lot of fighters that were rumored to participate in Dream 12 are now confirmed (or they’re just playing a sick joke on us)

So Sengoku X went down this morning…

If you were like me and accidentally set your alarm clock an hour late to catch Sengoku X, then you probably missed the first two bouts (Maximo Blanco vs. Tetsuya Yamada and Joe Doerksen vs. Takenori Sato both of which ending by KO in the second round). Bummer. At least you woke up just in

Rampage Jackson is done with UFC

Damn. It looks like we will never see that ‘Black on Black crime’ Rampage promised us after his win over Keith ‘Technoviking’ Jardine. According to Rampage Jackson’s personal blog, the dude is finished fighting with UFC. Yeah. Rampage Jackson says ‘he’s done fighting’.  Then this movie role came about that I have been trying to

Darren Aronofsky is directing a film based on Lee Murray

Jason Statham is like the substitute teacher version of Lightning Lee Murray. Dude has a pretty solid MMA record of 11-2 with one of those losses coming from Anderson Silva (hey, he went the distance with him). In 2006, dude kidnapped a bank manager and forced his way into what was supposed to be a

Bisping finally opens up about being KOd by Hendo

In addition to landing nuclear warheads on people’s chin, Hendo knows how to make a mean fish taco. But back to UFC 100. My friend CJ bet $80.00 on Bisping because he played UFC Undisputed the night before and beat Henderson in an unanimous decision. Dude used a videogame to justify his gambling addiction. That’s

Antonio Silva’s US steroid ban is officially over

If you were named ‘Bigfoot’ and you enrolled in a nickname contest and somehow you lost, it was rigged. Being nicknamed after a mythical creature creature who is forever blurry when captured on camera is the highest honor anyone can bestow on a MMA fighter. If you look really close at Bigfoot Silva’s jaw, you

Oh yeah. Butterbean fought this weekend.

So Butterbean fought this weekend and you probably didn’t even know. If Butterbean is an accurate depiction of genetically modified vegtables…then we’re screwed. Imagine making Butterbean Soup with Butterbean. That would be murder. I don’t want any part of it. Besides making Betsy Ross proud, Butterbean scrapped this weekend at Extreme Cage Fighting in Laredo,

Liddell will be dancing on your TV in an hour

Get your DVR and box of Devil’s Food Cake Cookies ready (that’s right, Devil’s Food Cake Cookies gets ALL the capitalization it deserves), Chuck Liddell and his ‘MadMax: Beyond the Thunderdome’ Mohawk will be dancing on your television in less than an hour. If you’re unfamiliar with the reality show ‘Dancing with the Stars’, imagine

Frank Trigg retires…sort of

The best thing about being stuck in the Atlanta airport until 9am Tuesday morning is that I get ‘Triggolosphical Enlightenment’ via Frank Trigg’s Twitter page. You guys remember a couple of months back while everyone stood on their friend’s sofa watching the Clay Guida vs. Diego Sanchez bangemite-fest, Frank Trigg was the only dude to

It’s time to get amped for EA Sports MMA

Before we get started with our overly ginormous EA MMA article, here’s what Dana White had to say about EA Sports because it’s entirely too hilarious to ignore. “I went to EA Sports. Know what EA Sports said? ‘It’s not a sport. This isn’t a sport. We would never get involved in something like this.’