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Tekken 6 using MMA to make it look cooler than what it really is

If you’re reading this, then you’re abundantly aware that I could beat you at any Tekken game. I hate stating the obvious but sometimes the obvious hates being stated (whatever that’s supposed to mean). Over the weekend, Josh Barnett wanted to let us know what he’s been doing since he made me drop $800 on

23 kids in a UFC brawl…at Breakneck Lane

Note to everyone: If you’re going to have a twenty-three person UFC battle royale, please get it on YouTube. Secondary note to everyone: If you’re going to have a twenty-three person UFC battle royale, it must be at a place called Breakneck Lane. If all of the following are present, you’re going to probably be

Lucio Linhares signs with the UFC and replaces Sakara

Whatever Lucio Linhares is looking at in that picture is about to get a toaster smashed over it’s face (and if Lucio is looking at a toaster, that toaster is about to get a toaster smashed over it’s face. Toaster on toaster crime. It’s the tastiest kind of crime and it only happens in the

Buentello vs. Duffee is now official, going down at UFC 107

A few years back when Kimbo Slice was fighting guys like ‘Big Mac’ in the parking lot of boatyard, everyone on Youtube was sacrificing small mammals to the MMA Gods in order to get Slice vs. Buentello inside a cage (or maybe someone’s backyard). Kimbo Slice was known for his stand-up and Buentello was known

UFC 104 promo video uses THE GLOW!

The MMA gods smile on MiddleEasy. I can’t believe this is happening to me right now. The only thing that could even get close to surpassing the rawesomeness of this fight would be if Abraham Lincoln and Bob Ross fell from the sky directly in opposite corners of an octagon and strapped on their 4oz

Frank Trigg may have been dropped by the UFC over EA Sports MMA

Before Frank Trigg even got off the stage at the UFC 103 weigh-ins, dude already twittered (twatted?) everyone with ‘So how did I look?’. Trigg knows his social media about as well as I know how to throw Tobasco sauce on pizza then complain about it when it’s too hot. This time last week, everyone

Houston Alexander headed back to the UFC in December

If you don’t like Houston Alexander, then your kids probably should. Back in May, Houston Alexander was walking to his car after a productive morning of knocking dudes out in 48 seconds. As Alexander walked back, he noticed a little girl trapped in a Chevy Lumina crying her eyes out. So the dude did what

Check out the first MMA event in the history of Iraq

MMA is like cheese. If you add it to anything, it makes it astronomically better. A birthday cake is alright. A cheesecake birthday cake makes you want to rob someone at gunpoint. It’s just one of those scientific facts like if you throw buttered toast in the air, it will always land on the side

Anderson Silva vs. Vitor Belfort planned for UFC 108

Oh wow. I thought tonight reached its maximum potential of rawesomite. Strikeforce Challengers jumping off tonight, K-1 going down this morning, ADCC going down tomorrow morning in Spain, friggin Klitschko going down tomorrow night…now the LA Times is reporting that Anderson Silva will defend his middleweight belt against Vitor Belfort January 2nd at UFC 108.

M-1 revives West Coast/East Coast beef this weekend

Despite 2pac and Biggie taking Ls for their involvement in that whole East coast/West coast beef that happened in the 90s (and made hip-hop rawesome), M-1 Global feels the hip-hop industry needs a boost. Tomorrow, M-1 will revive the the West coast vs. East coast feud that led to me spending nearly $300 worth of

James Toney really digs MMA, even knows who Fedor is

James Toney will forever go down as my…second favorite boxer out there. Anyone that says “I just have this thing inside me that wants to eat and conquer. Maybe it’s egotistical, but I have it in me. I don’t want to be a tycoon. I just want to conquer people and their souls.” pretty much

Mayweather/Marquez wins the PPV war against UFC 103…by miles

It was fun. Two of the best linguists in the pugilists sports industry verbally smacked each other in the face for the past month as to who would rack in the most PPV buys. Dana White told everyone ‘Boxing is trying to sell you the fight that no one cared about‘ while Floyd Mayweather uppercuted

Shaolin Ribeiro signs with Strikeforce! Yes!

For those of you who are not familiar with Shaolin Riberio, in 2007 he was a runner-up in the ‘Best nickname in the history of nicknames’ category of the ‘Who gives an F’ awards (I think Vladimir ‘The Janitor’ Matyushenko won that year. His after-party was at a 24/7 BBQ place). Dude’s last fight was

Check out our exclusive interview with Xtreme Couture

  Initially, this was supposed to be MiddleEasy’s exclusive coverage of Tuff N Uff. Our reporter, Elena Lopez, traveled from LA to Las Vegas just to grab a cornucopia (or ‘horn of plenty’ as the kid that sat behind me in 3rd grade geography said) of exclusive content for the site. The Tuff N Uff