Check out this sneak peek of the TUF 13 tryouts

It’s amazing how a waffle is made up of little hotel rooms for syrup. If it were not for MiddleEasy, that observation would have died in my short-term memory. I know a guy that lives in an old airplane. I’ve known him for a long time, so there was no real threat of that being washed away in forgetfulness. Since you guys are already reading this article, I can fit a lot of my personal observations inside and guarantee that people will read them. I also know a guy named Jim Angle that is horrible at geometry. That’s true. He lives in Virginia. Let’s see — I would rather choose the ‘purple stuff’ over Sunny D. I don’t need essential vitamins and minerals. I need my tongue dyed purple, accompanied with an extreme sugar rush. Alright, that’s enough. I better get to this TUF 13 tryout video before Brock Lesnar realizes that I exist and immediately place me on his list of ‘guys that need to be bludgeoned with gigantic viking fists’. [Source]

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