Josh Barnett wants to smash Bigfoot’s head ‘like a pinata and see if candy falls out’

On August 4th 2009, we absolutely knew Josh Barnett vs. Bigfoot Silva was going down at Sengoku 10. Of course we knew it because Wikipedia knew it. Bigfoot Silva even gave an interview to TATAME in which he requested that his next fight be against Josh Barnett in Sengoku. Everything was confirmed, the late-night Red Bulls were on ice — and then nothing really happened. The highly coveted main event just sort of fizzled out like an overused Saturday Night Live skit. Last night, Josh Barnett made an appearance on Tapout Radio to further discuss his beef with Bigfoot Silva, or perhaps it’s the beef that Bigfoot Silva has with Barnett. Regardless of who initiated the animosity, there is a pinata reference from Josh Barnett, which should make all of your lives fulfilled in some way.

“I want to smash his big giant head and see if it’s like a pinata and stuff falls out of it like candy. He talks a big game about wanting to fight me in Sengoku for the title at one point and I was like ‘Alright, let’s do this’. He was like ‘Oh, I need more time to get ready to fight Josh’. Then he goes to fight Werdum in EliteXC or whatever [Strikeforce Fedor vs. Rogers] and then loses. So he thought he could beat Werdum’s ass up, but with me he needed more time. That always stuck in my head. If you really want to do it, you can always just walk up to me and say ‘I don’t like you, let’s fight’ and then I will oblige you. He says I never say ‘hi’ to anybody, I say ‘hi’ to plenty of people. I didn’t realize this was about making new best friends and creating pen-pals. I thought this was fighting. I don’t see him necessarily going out of his way to be best buds with everyone that’s not Brazilian. But whatever, to each his own. I don’t need to be this guy’s friend and I’m sorry that his giant, enlarged heart is so sensitive.”

Now that Bigfoot Silva has successfully sent Fedor’s eye into another dimension and will move on to face the winner of Overeem vs. Werdum, if Josh Barnett can get through Brett Rogers and Sergei Kharitonov, there’s a good chance that Barnett can see if Silva’s head is indeed made out of paper mache and filled with assorted Mexican Candy and rolled-up one-dollar bills. [Source]

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