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Here’s proof that all iPhones are closet Pride FC fans

Here’s proof that all iPhones are closet Pride FC fans

Sure we have a new Android App that will be updated by the time you read this, and we can assure you the iPhone app is not that far behind. Trust me, I’m also eagerly waiting. All of my cellular communications have taken place on my iPhone 3 for the past two years and even though it freezes and eventually crashes whenever I try to open up Google Maps, it’s an integral part of my personal and social advancement. I can’t bear to shell out the cash and upgrade to an iPhone 4. I’ve grown accustomed to the chipped faceplate, dinky signal and inoperable on/off button. However, the fact that my iPhone (as well as every other iPhone in the country) is a closet Pride FC fan just gives me a fuzzy feeling inside my morally deprived heart.

I received this image from Justin W. on Twitter of his iPhone auto-correcting ‘Wanderlei’ to the highly more appropriate ‘Sandstorm’. We’re not sure how it constructed ‘Sandstorm’ from the former Pride middleweight champion but if — OK, we know. We all know. Kudos to all iPhones out there for recognizing the ferociousness of one of the greatest middleweights to ever step in a ring.

If you have an iPhone, then this will 99.9% work on your model. Just type in ‘Wanderlei’ and let the auto-correct do what you already knew.

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