Edgar Berlanga

Boxer Fined $10K And Banned 6 Months For Trying To Bite Opponent

Edgar Berlanga is being punished for pulling a ‘Mike Tyson’ inside the ring.  The undefeated boxer would try to bite his opponent Alexis Angulo during their fight. Berlanga was seen trying to bite Angulo’s ear when the two were in the clinch. The disgusting move was seen in round 7 of the boxing bout.  The action is

Logan Paul Floyd Mayweather

Logan Paul Rips Into Floyd Mayweather Over Fight Pay For 2021 Exhibition

Logan Paul has ripped into Floyd Mayweather for claiming that the YouTube star was paid for their exhibition bout in June of last year. Logan Paul rips into Floyd Mayweather Paul and Mayweather have often fought over money. In the aftermath of the (PPV) exhibition bout back in June of 2021, he claims that the