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Logan Paul Officially Files Appeal in KSI Loss

Logan Paul Officially Files Appeal in KSI Loss

Logan Paul to Appeal Loss to KSI

Youtube personality Logan Paul was very critical of the California State Athletic Commission after losing to KSI in his first professional boxing match. During the fight, Paul was deducted 2 points from his scorecard due to an illegal strike. KSI ended up winning the fight by a razor-thin split decision. In the aftermath of the bout, KSI made it clear that he would not entertain a rematch. Additionally, Paul expressed that he would appeal the loss to the CSAC. Today, it was confirmed that Logan Paul officially will appeal the loss.

KSI vs Logan Paul 2 was a massive success for DAZN. From the number of fans in attendance to the number of people watching, virtually everybody witnessed the bout. Yes, that even includes boxing purists who refused to acknowledge the six-round professional bout as a real boxing match. Both fighters put it all on the line. However, KSI ultimately walked away with the victory.

Paul Speaks to Media About the Loss

Logan Paul spoke with TMZ about the questionable finish to the match. During the discussion, Logan revealed that he will appeal the loss to the SCAC.

“My team and I have decided to file an official appeal for the fight because we just don’t believe that the outcome was right,” Paul says.

“By no means am I afraid of losing, but I truthfully 100% believe I did not lose this fight,” said Paul. (via TMZ)

Filing the Appeal

Now that the CSAC has the appeal from Logan, they’ll see if the case it worth evaluation. If they find that his case has a leg to stand on, they will begin the process of having an official hearing at one of their meetings.

During the meeting, they will determine if Logan Paul’s loss will be overturned. Until then, we’ll just have to wait until the California State Athletic Commission makes their decision.

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