Pro JYM Protein Powder Review

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Pro Jym Protein Powder Review
Pro Jym Protein Powder Review
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Protein powders are a great way of boosting your muscle growth, stamina, and overall protein intake. They also make your muscles stronger, which means less soreness for a shorter time. Most protein products try to grow your muscles through amino acids and protein spikes, which may lead to some unhealthy consequences. Thankfully, Pro JYM Protein Powder does this in a healthier, more efficient way. 

Pro JYM Protein Powder is an excellent protein product that has a broad and faithful customer base. It promotes a steady and slow release of protein into your system, so your muscles will experience constant and healthy growth. Pro JYM’s high-quality ingredients and enjoyable flavor variety make it quite the crowd favorite. You can conveniently mix it into any liquid you want, but it’s best consumed as a protein shake or protein smoothie. 

If you’re worried about bitter aftertastes, Pro JYM does away with this almost entirely. It’s a pleasant tasting drink that’s easy to consume every day. Most of their customers happily take Pro JYM every day for their daily dose of extra protein. 

We’ve made an excellent Pro JYM review for you that covers its benefits, product details, pros, cons, and even some FAQs. You’ll find these useful if you’re considering Pro JYM Protein Powder as your next fitness supplement. Read on to find out more!

Pro JYM Protein Powder
Pro JYM Protein Powder


  • Stimulates slow and steady protein release
  • Doesn’t lead to protein spikes or crashes
  • Convenient for consuming
  • Contains 24 grams protein per serving
  • Contains 140 calories in each serving


  • Improves muscle soreness
  • Contains a full ingredient list
  • Improves recovery time
  • Increases muscle mass
  • Many flavors to choose from


  • Has only a few size options
  • Takes a while to mix
  • Aftertaste is noticeable

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Why You Should Purchase Pro JYM Protein Powder

JYM Supplement Science

The brand JYM Supplement Science was founded by Dr. Jim Soppani because he wanted to make health supplements entirely transparent for its customers. His target audience for these supplements is those who lead a busy lifestyle but still want to keep as healthy as possible.

Another vision he had for the brand was to be very transparent and friendly to his customers. Anyone who inquired about his products would receive answers straight from the man himself. He aimed to build a company proud of its products that also had a good relationship with its consumers. It has worked quite well so far, as its customer base is quite loyal and trusting in the brand.

Overall Taste

There are many ways of consuming this product. You can either mix it with just water or even put it into your favorite beverage. That could be coffee, juice, smoothies, or anything in between. Overall, Pro JYM powder mixes well into most liquids, although it may take a little time and effort.

The outcome is usually smooth enough to be convenient and pleasant to drink. However, some customers have noted a slight chalkiness to the texture. There have been Pro JYM reviews stating unpleasant aftertastes for some of the flavors, mostly due to a few artificial sweeteners. Still, customers claim that they mostly enjoy the flavor of the product and continue to drink it regularly.

Pro Jym Protein Taste

Flavor Variety

When it comes to protein powders, most brands either carry too many flavors or too few. Pro JYM has nine flavor varieties, which we find is suitable enough for everyone to find a favorite, but not so overwhelmingly many that you won’t know what to choose. Having nine different flavors also means you have several choices to mix up your daily routine with. You won’t get bored just drinking two of three flavors throughout the week.

JYM has some of the familiar flavors. These are Tahitian Vanilla and Chocolate Mousse. But there are also lots of fun flavors that people will love, such as Caramel Macchiato, Red Velvet Cake, Rootbeer Float, Mint Chocolate Chip, Gingerbread Cookie, White Chocolate Raspberry, and Banana Cream Pie. We think it’s a good variety of sweet, fruity, and fun. Thankfully it’s not just bland flavors like strawberry and vanilla.

Texture and consistency

The consistency of Pro JYM powder is somewhat thicker than most protein powders. This notable thickness is thanks to the addition of certain ingredients such as casein and egg albumen. It also adds a little froth to the top. However, there are some mixed opinions on this added factor. Some consumers think the thickness and frothiness are pleasant, but others believe it interferes a bit with the drink’s texture. It comes down to preference if you prefer a thick smoothie or a thinner kind of beverage.

Other people have also said that mixing the drink takes some time, especially if you want to remove all the lumps. We think the best way to deal with this is to use a blender or shaker to ensure a smooth consistency. It’s also a huge plus that the product isn’t known for being very chalky like most protein powders.

Ingredient List

As the brand promises transparency, the packaging of the product includes a full list of the ingredients. The ingredients are egg protein, micellar casein, milk protein isolate, whey protein isolate, natural flavors, gum blend, sunflower lecithin, potassium, salt, sucralose, clean cream creamer, and silicon dioxide.

The first four ingredients mentioned contribute to protein content and muscle growth. The ingredients that come after it mostly contribute to the flavor to ensure a pleasant experience.

Pro Jym Protein Ingredients

Sugar Content

The problem with most protein powders is that their sugar content is often too high. It is somewhat counterproductive since customers often look for high protein content and not high sugar content in their protein drinks. Thankfully, Pro JYM powder has precisely one gram of sugar in one serving for all its flavors, which is a perfect low amount. It also uses artificial sweeteners for the flavor, which doesn’t contribute any sugar content at all. 

The only downside to the use of artificial sweeteners, particularly sucralose, is that it can make a bit of an unpleasant aftertaste. Sucralose is also known for tasting too sweet. But thankfully, customers from various Pro JYM reviews don’t seem to have a problem with JYM’s sweetness.

Protein Content

The protein blend of Pro JYM Powder is very rich. As said in the ingredient list, it’s thanks to the egg protein, micellar casein, milk protein isolate, whey protein isolate. Each serving of this product provides you twenty-four grams total of protein. In quantity, this is just the right amount to supplement whatever protein you get from meals. It helps you hit a high enough target for exercise, stamina, or muscle building. 

What’s also good about this product is that it helps your body absorb the protein slowly through digestion. Even if you’re not entirely active right after consuming the product or while you’re resting, your body is still absorbing the product’s protein. Many people have a difficult time getting the protein they need, so JYM powder is a neat and convenient way.

Carbohydrate Content

While the protein and sugar content is consistent among the flavors, the carbohydrate content varies. It can be as low as two grams per serving. The highest amount you’ll find among the flavors is four grams. Thankfully, this is a low amount compared to other products. While protein powders with zero carb content exist, they are quite rare. And even though diets like Keto demand low carb intakes, we still recommend you have at least a little instead of eliminating it.

We appreciate that JYM shows precisely how much carb content you get in a flavor. Knowing what’s in your protein drink will also help you plan your meals to fit the carb count you’re going for.

Amino Acid Content

One particular ingredient, the whey protein isolate, helps your body by providing amino acids. Amino acids are the building blocks of your muscles, so increasing amino acids in your body benefits your muscles significantly. They help your muscles grow and maintain their quality and strength. Unlike most protein products, the amino acids aren’t immediately pushed into your system for a protein burst. Instead, it gets slowly released into your body through slow and steady digestion. We think the slow and steady method benefits people’s muscle growth.

Filler Ingredients

Among the ingredients we mentioned, a significant number of these are fillers. They mostly contribute to the texture, consistency, and flavor of the product. We do think the creamer base and flavoring ingredients are quite essential. However, those who think fillers merely take up space in the blend won’t like this. Especially with the presence of gum blend, customers have been concerned with how some ingredients seem unnecessary. While some fillers contribute to the drink’s overall quality, others only add calories you don’t need.


So, what do Pro JYM reviews say about its effectiveness? Considering the different nutritional contents and ingredients, Pro JYM Powder is very effective in producing results. Because it contains three kinds of proteins that get digested at various speeds, your body receives a slow and steady stream of protein throughout the day. It brings you better results because it’s as if your body is continuously receiving protein bit by bit. Results are seen in improved muscle growth, muscle feel, and muscle strength. Many customers can attest that this product delivers what it says it does.

Serving Sizes

Like most other protein powders, one serving is equal to one scoop, which is pretty standard for a protein drink. You can mix one scoop into whatever volume of liquid that suits you, although we advise not to water it down too much so that it’s still enjoyable to drink. Make sure also to use enough liquid to blend all the powder smoothly.

You should pay attention to serving sizes by how many you can get in each container of product. Pro JYM offers two container sizes: four-pound and two-pound. The estimated number of servings per two pounds is twenty-five. Therefore the four-pound container will naturally contain around fifty servings.

It depends on you how quickly you will consume your servings. You can take protein powder drinks as often as once a day or as infrequently as a few times a week. If you end up liking the product to drink it once a day, then a two-pound container will only last you less than a month. Think about how you want to budget your consumption and servings.


JYM made this protein powder for people who lead hectic lives but still want to stay fit. If you’re someone like this, you don’t want to invest in a low-quality product. When it comes to your body, you deserve the best. It doesn’t matter if you’re an athlete, a boxer, a gym rat, or just someone trying to live healthily. What matters is that your body consumes quality nutrients. 

We think Pro JYM Protein Powder delivers in quality, especially with how it treats your body. Instead of unnatural bursts of amino acids and protein, it helps you digest protein slowly and steadily so that your body isn’t overwhelmed. As a healthy product to supplement your exercise and gym routine, this product delivers high-quality results. 


If you compare Pro JYM reviews with other protein powder reviews on the market, you will see that JYM is slightly more expensive. However, we think that the quality you get with this product is worth the extra cost. With consistent use of this product, you will already notice your body feeling better and stronger thanks to the extra amino acids and protein. It will last longer and be able to do more in a shorter time frame. The ingredients are also high quality, and the product tastes and feels better than most other protein powders you’ll find. With lots of flavors to choose from, we think Pro JYM Protein Powder is worth the investment.

Benefits of Pro JYM Protein Powder


The thing we love most about Pro JYM Protein Powder is how it stimulates a slow and steady release of protein into your body. You will feel your body steadily grow stronger as your muscles improve, and you will also notice faster results than other products or brands. Many Pro JYM reviews can attest to its effects.

Another big plus to the brand is the number of flavor choices you get. They’re not just the bland flavors like vanilla, strawberry, and chocolate. They have some unique, out-of-the-box flavors that many of their customers enjoy. Having nine different flavors available means that you won’t get bored from drinking the same thing over and over again.

We also appreciate that the brand is transparent with its ingredients and customer service. They make sure to entertain your questions and provide you with any additional info you would like to know. Many brands want to hide or deceive their customers about the nutritional content when it comes to health supplements. But JYM has put a lot of effort into building a trustworthy brand. And since their products deliver results, their customers are quite happy and trusting.

Disadvantages of Pro JYM Protein Powder


Although JYM is very transparent with its ingredients, this means we can spot red flags when they’re there. One such red flag is the presence of filler ingredients such as the gums. Although some filler ingredients make the drink taste better, some of the ingredients are also unnecessary, in our opinion. We’re concerned that this unnecessarily raises the price and calorie content of the drink.

We also wish the product came in more size options. Customers may want to try out the drink in a smaller size before buying a whole two pounds of it. Especially considering that Pro JYM Powder is noticeably pricier than other products, it should provide a smaller size option.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Pro JYM Protein powder made with all-natural ingredients?

While the powdered drink proteins are natural, it contains some artificial flavors and filler ingredients. These ingredients help with making the drink taste good. Don’t be too worried, since these artificial ingredients don’t contribute much sugar or carb content.

Will Pro JYM Protein powder help your muscles grow?

When paired with healthy exercise or intense training, Pro JYM Protein powder will help you achieve muscle growth. Aside from increasing muscle mass, it will also decrease recovery times, increase stamina, and increase strength.

What kind of protein is in Pro JYM Protein powder?

This drink contains a protein blend made from egg protein, micellar casein, milk protein isolate, whey protein isolate. The different proteins here get digested by your body at different rates, resulting in a constant and careful release of protein into your body.


We hope that you’ve learned a lot in our Pro JYM review. Their protein powder is a high-quality protein supplement that will deliver excellent results when paired with exercise. It gets you through long periods thanks to the different digestion rates of the protein content. It also strengthens your muscles and improves your muscle growth. 

JYM has built a large and trusting customer base thanks to its outstanding products and transparency with information and ingredients. The product itself is very customer friendly with how many flavors it offers. Despite some unpleasant aftertastes, Pro JYM remains an enjoyable protein drink for customers to drink regularly. 

We highly recommend this protein product for anyone leading a busy lifestyle. With Pro JYM Protein powder, you can work hard, play hard, and still get your much-needed protein boost.

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