Bounce Energy Balls Review

Bounce Energy Balls is Different Than Your Typical Protein Bar

Bounce Protein Energy Ball
Bounce Protein Energy Ball
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Bounce Energy Balls are a level up of the regular protein bar. It’s tasty, enjoyable, and has plenty of benefits for anyone who eats it. Instead of the typical rectangular bar shape, Bounce Energy Balls come as balls. Best of all, it also claims to be made from all-natural ingredients. 

Most typical energy bars are full of preservatives paired with the protein-rich components. Bounce makes sure to keep its Energy Balls free from preservatives and inorganic ingredients. These inorganic ingredients are often unhealthy and extraneous to your protein bar benefits, but most protein bars contain them anyway. With Bounce Energy Balls, you won’t have to worry about consuming harmful ingredients.

While Bounce Energy Balls aren’t the most protein-filled, they contain enough to boost your energy for a heavy workout or a busy day. It is also great for other goals like building muscle mass, losing weight, or getting more fit. Whatever your workout regimen, you can expect this product to give it quite the boost.

Bounce Energy Bars
Bounce Energy Bars


  • Protein Energy Snack
  • All-natural ingredients
  • Affordable
  • Made from quality ingredients
  • Lots of flavors to choose from


  • Great for eating when on the move
  • Pleasant taste


  • Tough and chewy
  • High sugar content
  • Not very large

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Why You Should Purchase Bounce Energy Balls


Paula and Andy Hannagan founded the Bounce brand, which is currently around 14 years old. Its vision was to help those who wanted to take their fitness and nutrition lifestyles to another level. While other similar brands exist, the Hannagans wanted to focus on using natural ingredients as much as possible.

With this goal in mind, they started their business and spent years developing and innovating their products to create the best versions possible. Now, they have produced some top-quality products using natural ingredients that can give you great results. Bounce aims to help you live a healthy lifestyle that will make you feel good.


These protein balls have a pleasant flavor with no sour aftertaste. Because of the lack of artificial flavors, the all-natural ingredient composition might make it less sweet or strong in terms of taste. Most consumers have described the taste as “light,” meaning it wasn’t overwhelming in sweetness or saltiness.

Although the flavor isn’t as desirable as some sweet protein bars, the Energy Balls do their job. Bars with artificial ingredients tend to be less effective precisely because of these artificial ingredients and other possible adverse effects. Customers have also said that the Bounce Energy Balls have a protein powder taste, but that isn’t necessarily bad.

Flavor Options

Bounce Energy Balls have a lot of flavors to choose from. There are seven different flavors, and each one tastes great in its way. You may find a favorite that you’ll stick to, or you may end up liking all of them enough to rotate them for some excitement routinely. We think it’s a good move from Bounce to have plenty of flavors so its consumers won’t get bored eating these Energy Balls.

These flavors are Peanut Cocoa, Apple Cinnamon, Coconut Macadamia, Cocoa Mind, Vanilla Almond, Coconut Lemon, and Superberry. Consistent with what we said before, none of these flavors are particularly strong or heavy, but people will naturally have preferences towards some of them.

Generally, customers very much enjoy having several flavors. Bounce also said they might add more flavors in the future, which will be nothing but more fun for everyone.


There are different ways to measure the effectiveness of protein bars and Energy Balls. They should fill your stomach for longer than usual, at least compared to other snacks, and keep your energy levels up consistently and for as long as possible within the day. A good protein snack would also compel you to avoid eating unhealthy snacks. These are the essential factors for effectiveness for those who eat protein bars to get through their busy days.

However, for those who eat protein bars for fitness, there are a few other criteria to watch out for. These would be building muscle mass from the extra protein, having a shorter recovery time after a workout session, and even improving your stamina.


Bounce Energy Balls boast having all-natural ingredients. However, because of the many different flavors, the ingredients in each of them vary slightly. Thankfully there is a flavor that is great for vegans. The Superberry flavor uses all-vegan ingredients, including sunflower seeds, dates, coconut, raisins, cranberries, tapioca syrup, raspberries, goji berries, citric acid, sesame seeds, acai juice powder, rice protein concentrate, and a little more natural flavoring.

The other energy balls have more or less the same essential ingredients. These are whey crisps, whey protein blend, sea salt, vitamin e, vanilla extract, rice bran, guar gum. Additional ingredients on each flavor make them taste different, but rest assured that these are natural too.


The exciting thing about these protein balls is that the flavor variations also vary in calorie count. This way, you get some choice and freedom regarding how many calories you want to consume from the energy balls. The calorie counts go from 150 calories to 200 calories, with increments of 10 calories in between. If you’re counting calories, this is a convenient way of being exact about your calorie intake. With Bounce Energy Balls, you have a lot of control over your energy levels, fullness, and calorie count. It also helps you stay away from overly sugary and unhealthy snacks.

Sugar content

The sugar content of each energy ball is also dependent on its flavor. Again, this gives you more control over your sugar intake as well. Superberry, while being the vegan-friendly option, is also the highest in sugar content. Superberry contains around sixteen grams of sugar in a serving. Most of the sugar comes from the high fruit content, so it’s not artificial sweetener or sugar. The flavor with the lowest sugar content is Vanilla Almond. It only has around three grams of sugar in a serving.

Another upside to not having any artificial sugar content is that there is no bad aftertaste. The sugar is also just at the right level to provide energy, but not to cause you to energy crash after a sugar high has worn off.


Bounce Energy Balls help you build up your strength through the calorie amounts in each energy ball. This calorie snack will help your body maintain its fuel as you get through your day or do an intense workout. The energy ball’s composition dramatically helps make the energy last longer in your body compared to any regular snack, even compared to other protein snacks. Protein raises your strength and stamina. It will help you gain muscle mass and reduce fat if paired with the right fitness regimen. Make sure to use these Bounce Energy Balls as advised so that you can maximize the effects. With consistency, you’ll be able to see the benefits before long.

Serving Size

Another factor that depends on the flavor is, surprisingly, the serving size. Usually, most protein snacks have the same serving size, regardless of the taste. These would typically be around forty to fifty grams per serving, although forty grams would still leave the customer hungry. Among the flavors, Peanut Cacao is the largest in serving size, reaching 49 grams in each serving. You can buy these in boxes of twelve. Unfortunately, that’s the only box size for these Bounce Energy Balls, so if you want to bulk buy, you’d have to get several boxes of twelve.

Side Effects

You may not hear about this much, but whey protein does tend to cause side effects for those who are not accustomed to it. Often, these side effects are not very pleasant either. These side effects can include an upset stomach, bloating, gaseousness, nausea, or even more bowel movements. However, these aren’t incredibly major, nor are they prevalent. The product’s benefits are often much higher than the risk of side effects; otherwise, they wouldn’t be suitable for sales.

Superberry, the vegan-friendly flavor, has a similar list because of the plant proteins. These side effects are usually gaseous stomachs. Again, these aren’t serious and make a relatively short list. The only thing you should watch out for is allergies. Unfortunately, Bounce Energy Balls still contain some allergens such as nuts and such, so it’s best to avoid the flavors containing anything you’re allergic to.


One drawback to the Bounce Energy Ball, according to many customers, is the consistency. A lot of people don’t enjoy the consistency, especially compared to the flavors. The Bounce Energy Ball has been known to be too chewy and thick. It’s difficult to bite, chew, and swallow quickly. Especially if they’ve been in storage for a while, the balls can get even tougher.

The individual ingredients, such as the Chia seeds, also need some work. They’re a bit too grainy, which further contributes to the unpleasant texture. People who have sensitive pallets or don’t want to work their jaw all that much will probably avoid the Bounce Energy Balls. We hope the brand improves this so it can be more enjoyable for everyone.


Overall, we think the Bounce Energy Balls have great value for money. Although some aspects like its texture and buying convenience can be improved, it already has many benefits. The flavor selection and calorie variations are excellent standout traits. Having a wide range of flavors, sugar content, and caloric value to choose from is quite convenient. Other than these, Bounce Energy Balls are quite affordable relative to other protein snacks, but these also vary from flavor to flavor. At least you also have some range to choose from with regards to prices.

Still, the value for money is commendable, mainly because of the benefits you will reap with consistent consumption. The main opinion is that Bounce Energy Balls have had a significant effect on people’s diets.

Benefits of Bounce Energy Balls

Bounce Energy Balls have a ton of benefits to them. First of all, they’re a convenient, portable size that can be carried anywhere. You can bring energy balls around in your bag, car, workout pack, or even a purse or pocket, since they’re not as bulky as the large protein bars people usually eat. 

Another advantage is that they make great snacks. If you’re feeling a bit hungry between meals, it’s great to go for a healthy snack such as these instead of unhealthy options. Depending on the serving size, they can tide you over between meals or fill your stomach for a reasonable period.

One of the most significant advantages of these energy balls is that they use healthy, natural ingredients. They don’t include any artificial ingredients that you wouldn’t want stuck circulating in your body. These ingredients also help your recovery time after a workout. Not only will your muscles see improvement, but you won’t get as sore either. Your stamina and performance will get better over time as your energy and muscle mass increase. Bounce Energy Balls are an excellent fit for healthy and nutritious diets. Anyone looking to get into a healthy lifestyle will benefit from these.

Disadvantages of Bounce Energy Balls

Like most products, there are drawbacks to the Energy Bounce Balls. One of them, which we already mentioned, is the texture of the snack. It’s quite tough and not as desirable as other protein snacks. We hope to see some improvement in this regard, especially if it’s a snack meant to be consumed regularly.

The other thing that most customers get a bit confused by is the variations of the flavors. Not only do the flavors vary in taste, but in sugar content, weight, and serving size as well. These factors may not be widely known, so new customers would be confused about them. It would also be inconvenient if a customer preferred a particular flavor profile but wanted different sugar content or serving size.

Lastly, it’s also inconvenient that the energy balls can only be bought in boxes of twelve, instead of individually.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many Bounce Energy Balls can you eat at a time?

Each Bounce Energy Ball flavor varies in serving size and calorie count. It’s recommended to only eat these as needed, if not part of a routine. One ball is one serving portion supposedly, but it’s up to you if you want a light forty-gram snack or a heavier forty-nine-gram snack.

Are Bounce Energy Balls vegan-friendly?

There is one flavor that is vegan-friendly and contains only vegan ingredients, the Superberry flavor. However, watch out for possible allergens such as nuts.

Can Bounce Energy Balls be purchased individually?

Unfortunately, these energy balls only come in boxes of twelve. This has been a consistent request by customers who prefer the choice to buy them individually just to try them out first.


Bounce Energy Balls is an excellent packet of energy and calories that will help you last through a busy day or an intense workout. They are especially great for trying to get into a healthy lifestyle, or if you are trying to lose weight. They contain only natural ingredients with no artificial flavors or components. They also have many flavors you can try which not only differ in taste, but in sugar content, weight, calorie count, and the price too, giving you seven variants.

Bounce Energy Balls are best paired with a healthy exercise regimen, so you should also do your best to keep to healthy foods and avoid unhealthy snacks. If you need a quick burst of protein to tide you over until the next meal, try eating energy balls.

Ultimately, Bounce is a great brand that does its best to improve its products for its customers. They’re great at listening to customer feedback and always take them into account when developing new products. Watch out for more healthy snacks that Bounce may release!

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