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Rumor: Floyd Mayweather interested in promoting with Rizin again, eyes one more fight

Rumor: Floyd Mayweather interested in promoting with Rizin again, eyes one more fight

Surely this will end well for Rizin. If partnering up with Floyd Mayweather and having him embarrass your biggest star wasn’t enough, Rizin is doubling down on their decision from 2018.

Oh joy.

New rumors point to Money May wanting to jump back into the JMMA money pit. Does this seem like a bad idea to anyone else? Like if one day Rizin goes the way of Pride and Dream, will the MMA world look back at this moment where it all went wrong?

Look, maybe Rizin is doing the best on the books but is backing up a truck full of money to Floyd Freaking Mayweather the best way to dig yourself out of a hole?

This is Floyd here. Somebody should probably warn Rizin, this is clearly a trap.

Also there’s this

The fine folks over at Asian Boxing also collected this money (pun heavily intended) quote from Mayweather

“I will become the number one promoter in Japan” and that “There is a big chance for casinos in Japan from now on. We want to enliven Tokyo like Las Vegas and do a super fight. We will do martial arts events including boxing and MMA with TMT, and we will also take part in exhibitions.”


So Mayweather is going to attach his name, and some of his fighters, to some kind of Boxing-MMA hybrid event in Japan? Where Rizin does much of the promotion, leg work, and probably the majority of financial strain?

What could go wrong here for Rizin? How many more champions or JMMA legends will Rizin let Mayweather knockout for fun?

Rizin, save yourself, save the sanctity of JMMA, and don’t let Money May do you like this; twice.

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