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Fight Video: An out of shape Floyd Mayweather just destroyed Tenshin Nasukawa

Fight Video: An out of shape Floyd Mayweather just destroyed Tenshin Nasukawa

Floyd Mayweather owns MMA. We are living in the worst timeline. Previously on MMA, Floyd Mayweather was embarrassing Conor McGregor inside a boxing ring. Money May went on cruise control then KO’d MMA’s greatest pay-per-view draw of all time.

What could be worse? How much more could fans boo and hiss at Money May? Well the thing is.

What happened was.

Rizin messed up. Rizin messed up really bad.

Perhaps JMMA’s biggest star in years, Tenshin Nasukawa, was trotted out for a four round exhibition match with Floyd Mayweather.

This could have gone a few ways and instead on New Year’s Eve in Japan, MMA, JMMA and Rizin got the worst case scenario. An out of shape, phoning it in version of Money May just took the soul of Tenshin Nasukawa.

It. Wasn’t. Even. Close.

What the hell? Why Fight Gods? Why Rizin? What the fuck is going on?

Oh no, not like this.

Damn, our dude Tenshin didn’t even land one good combo. For those counting at home, that’s exactly one less nice combo landed than Conor McGregor.

Floyd was not playing here. He got his paycheck. Took his vacation to Japan. Then did away with Tenshin in under a round.

Was it all a Dream? While we’re at it can we bring back Dream?

God damn it. Floyd Mayweather officially owns the biggest star in UFC and the biggest star in Rizin. The heads of Conor and Tenshin have a permanent home over the fireplace of Money Mayweather.

Scott Coker? MVP? You know what you have to do.

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