Dana White on Working With Tyron Woodley: “The Hardest Kid I’ve Ever Dealt With”

UFC President Dana White stated that Tyron Woodley is the most difficult fighter he's ever had to work with in regards to matchmaking.

Dana White
Dana White - Image via @UFC Youtube

Dana White has finally admitted that Tyron Woodley is the most difficult fighter that he’s ever worked with. In previous interviews, both Dana and Tyron have expressed that they don’t like each other. White has gone on record to say that Woodley is “full of s**t,” while Tyron has voiced wanting to punch Dana in the face. The UFC has had criminals and short-fused fighters on their roster. Nonetheless, Woodley is still the most difficult in the eyes of Dana White. 

Dana White Speaks About Tyron Woodley 

The beef between White and Woodley is ongoing. However, no matter how difficult it gets, Dana never doubted Tyron’s skills inside of the octagon. It’s always in regard to doing business with Woodley when it comes to matchmaking and he spoke about it in his latest interview

“I would say the hardest kid that I ever dealt with, and everybody thinks that I don’t like him, it has to be [Tyron] Woodley,” said Dana. “Woodley’s the hardest kid I’ve ever dealt with. I look at what he could have done and what he should have done.

“Good looking kid, physique, the whole thing, becomes a world champion, has that knockout power, has all the tools and everything else, but it’s just always pulling teeth with him and it’s always about something else other than the fight.”

Analyzing Dana’s Comments 

Perhaps it could be in reference to the numerous times that the UFC tried to pair Woodley against Colby Covington. Or, the many times that Tyron campaigned to fight Nick Diaz, Conor McGregor, or Georges St Pierre.

In retrospect, Woodley’s last performances against Colby Covington, Gilbert Burns, and Kamaru Usman were lackluster. Maybe Dana’s promotional mindset allowed him to look into the future and not grant Woodley the dream matches he asked for. 

While being difficult to work with isn’t the best thing, it could always be worse. Luckily for Woodley, that spot is reserved for the media.

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