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Watch us play EA UFC and be stunned at how gorgeous it looks

Watch us play EA UFC and be stunned at how gorgeous it looks

I don’t own an Xbox One due to Microsoft never sending me one for free. That’s my primary reason, at least. It’s also important to note my recent obsession with playing the new Diablo III: Reaper of Souls has prevented me from leaving my PC and going to Best Buy to purchase a gaming device that is inferior to what my computer can produce. Therefore every game I could play on Xbox One (or PS4), I’ve simply played on my PC — and I’m damn happy with it. Until next-gen consoles can develop something that isn’t available on PC, I’m rocking my 360 until the on/off button eventually deteriorates from me rage quitting over blown games of Magic the Gathering 2014.

Jason Nawara has an Xbox One, however, and late last night he decided to hop on the new EA UFC demo and manifest this fantastic review, complete with enough commentary that will get you feeling all warm and fuzzy inside. EA MMA is back, and it’s in the form of some weird permutation of UFC Undisputed. Check it out.

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