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Brilliant man pretends to play EA UFC while he illegally streams the end of Holloway vs. Aldo

That guy is our hero. Now this is a good use of EA UFC. As humans innovation is in our DNA.

When faced with the idea how to illegally stream UFC 218, gamer turned pirate Lester_Gaming thought outside of the box. He pretended he was playing EA UFC so he could stream Max Holloway vs. Jose Aldo.

LOL. This feels like a Mr. Robot episode just waiting to happen.

H/T to UPROXX for the find

Update: Here is Lester_Gaming’s Twitch profile

Watch ufc 218 reaction stream from Lester_Gaming on

Update 2: The copyright overlords have not only taken down the video but banned Lester’s Twitch profile?!?! #JusticeForLester Free this man!