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Video: Watch Nate Diaz Almost Spark a Joint on Live TV in Texas

Video: Watch Nate Diaz Almost Spark a Joint on Live TV in Texas

Nate Diaz doesn’t give a fuck about Texas’s strict marijuana laws. When a Diaz brother wants to spark, he sparks. Fuck the fact that you’re in the middle of an arena, in a state that incarcerates thousands of people for mere possession, and that you are on live television. Nate Diaz doesn’t live in the same world as you and I.

Praise be upon Stockton’s finest sons. No one is out in the culture representing for stoned people quite like the Diaz brothers. High people really don’t deserve them. Going out in public, tricking sober people into thinking stoners do triathlons and shit. Nick Diaz is the only person who will ever live who both smoked a joint and swam to Alcatraz. Regular stoners sometime don’t leave the apartment for days at a time.

So, thank you Diaz Brothers for always doing Diaz Brothers shit and making stoners look cool as fuck. We appreciate you.

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