MMA Rundown

Video: Fighter Thanks Her Opponent for Not Punching Her While Her Boob Was Out

At regional MMA promotion Rite of Passage, Katherine Roy laid down one of the best post-fight shout outs in MMA history.

Sure, fighters have thanked their opponents after a fight before, but Roy had a particular reason for shouting out her fellow competitor. Check out her speech below:


You have to admit that’s a huge win for Katherine Roy. She g0t a big victory as an up-and-coming prospect, but also avoided the embarrassment of her breasts popping out during a cage fight going viral. I feel terrible for her opponent Brandi Narvaez. Not only did she kind of save this girl’s day, but all she got in return was an ass-whooping and a quick thank you. That’s kind of a tough break.

My favorite part of Roy’s speech is how adamant she was about no one seeing “her titty”. The final “It didn’t happen” sounds like she’s trying to play a Jedi mind trick on the entire crowd.

Here’s the full fight if you a subscriber to FloCombat’s subscription service of regional MMA. Try and spot the almost boob slip for yourself.