Pics: Reebok still can’t make a MMA sports bra, the UFC 224 wardrobe malfunction is real

wardrobe malfunction UFC 224

Reebok screws up and it’s still kind of news at this point. There was a time when female or male MMA fighters didn’t have to deal with cheaply made Reebok gear. UFC 224 was not that time and the UFC 224 wardrobe malfunction has been making the rounds.

Look we’re all adults and we can all agree on a few things. One, it’s 2018 and naked folks are more accessible than ever, so be cool. And two Reebok absolutely sucks and the UFC would be better off if they booted the company from the cage.

This isn’t the first time Reebok has given fighters spotty clothing. This isn’t even the second or third time Reebok has distracted a female fighter in the middle of their job. How does it keep happening?

In case you missed it here is the UFC 224 wardrobe malfunction and maybe this time the UFC or Reebok will do something about it?

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