Replay: Gross, nasty, ugly arm break from a Polish MMA fight, let’s watch it over and over again

Just gruesome. Why did we just watch that? Why did his arm and or elbow bend that way? For fans who still get turned on by the mere thought of Mark Coleman breaking Shogun Rua’s arm, this post is for you.

From the darkest regions of European amateur MMA we have this filthy injury from HFO 2 Kunlun Elimination 2016. The loose translation for “Kunlun” must be “total destruction of all your elbow and arm ligaments”. As one fighter celebrates accidentally injuring his opponent, another cannot not even take a single peek at what the hell is going on with his left arm at the moment.

Arms are not supposed to bend that way and your bone structure now shares the same physical elements of a cup of Hawaiian shaved ice.

H/T to @GrabakaHitman for the deep Polish MMA cut

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