Street MMA: One punch, one walk off KO, & one broken arm can all happen very fast

Street Mma walk off KO one broken arm

Um everybody has a gameplan until they get punched in the mouth? Well, not in Street MMA.

Forethought? Thinking 30 seconds into the future? Construction a gameplan? What’s that? Need all the is this a meme/the confused anime guy and his butterfly Photoshop’s here. But for real is this a gameplan? Or even a is this striking defense would go good here.

This is a very brief and very violent video. For those Street MMA aficionados with a busy schedule, this fight is for you.

A lot happens and it’s all done in under 30 seconds. As bonus Street Fight fans even get a little blood spilled. Or as the camera woman, director, and executive producer pointed out “she leaking”.


Yes, she is.

Heading into this match-up hopes were at all time. There is real beef here. Plus even though time is tight there is some nice pre-fight build. Even a very brief stare down is thrown in for good measure.

Pomp and circumstance is a under reported stat in Street Fighting.

Then the fight happens and Women’s Street MMA is set back 25 years. No hair pulling. No scratching. Nothing of that nature, just good old fashioned standing in the pocket and slugging on someone who doesn’t know how to box. Like at all.

Great expectations of an old school cat fight and instead The Dynamite Kid version of Mike Tyson strikes down from the heavens and knocks out one female in a single exchange.

A pure knockout that fans don’t see too much in Street MMA. Then our champion walks off and goes about her day. Our new challenger? Well she wakes up to a bloody lip and a possibly broken arm.

Now would be a good time to insert the life comes at you fast meme *here*.

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