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VIDEO: Michael Bisping Takes Out His Fake Eye During His Podcast!

VIDEO: Michael Bisping Takes Out His Fake Eye During His Podcast!

Michael Bisping Yanks Out Fake Eye During Live Podcast

There are a lot of reasons to think that Michael Bisping does not care what anybody thinks of him. Now added to that list, is the fact that he just pulled out his fake eye during a podcast.

Michael Bisping is a former UFC Middleweight Champion, as well as a UFC Hall of Famer. He has accomplished a ton in his career, beating the likes of Anderson Silva and Luke Rockhold. However the craziest part about his career, is that he spent a good chunk of it with only one working eye.

It is not a secret that Bisping suffered serious eye damage in his UFC career. In fact, that is what ultimately led to his retirement in 2018. Nevertheless, following the end of his career, he got a procedure done to help with some of the damage of the nonfunctional eye.

On the most recent episode of his podcast, Believe You Me, Bisping showed exactly what he got done to his eye. Much to the cringe of his co-host, Luis J. Gomez, Bisping decided to yank out the fake eye. Meanwhile, Bisping just casually explains that this was why he wore sunglasses throughout his career.

Warning! Not for the faint at heart:

Man, oh man, that is something to see (pun intended).

Nevertheless, Michael Bisping just reconfirmed how tough he is, considering that was something he dealt with since 2013. All things considered, it is incredible that he was able to fight as long as he did like that, much less earn a title.

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